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5 Major Trends in Art Deco Style

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Art Deco is a visual and influential part of the art and decor, which first appeared in France after the First World War. It embodies touches of French, Egyptian and Mediterranean cultures through geometric patterns and in many cases, bright colors.

5 Hottest Trends in Art Deco Interior Style

You do not even suspect how easy is to make a retro-style image of the 1930-40s in a house, starting from its exterior and ending with its interiors. Here are the 10 hottest trends for making Art Deco style in your interior.

Bold geometric design

Geometric patterns in Art Deco style

Geometric patterns in Art Deco style

Art Deco movement had a strong connection with bold shapes and designs. To add a sense of style to your home, start with bold wallpaper, which have strong geometric solutions. Rectilinear and curvilinear forms that instantly catch your eye are the signs of the Art Deco style period. They will liven up your room immediately.

Bold materials in Art Deco style

Glass in Art Deco interior style

Glass and metal in Art Deco interior style

By the 1930s, traveling became popular and tourism demand began to rise sharply. African safaris were popular. So the animal prints, exotic finishes such as pearl and tortoise shell, began to manifest themselves in home interior. Bold use of glass, shiny fabrics, metallic paints and mirrors will complete the image of Art Deco in your home.

Bold colors of finishes

Colorful finishes in Art Deco interior style

Colorful finishes in Art Deco interior style

The term “bold” is understatement for many incredibly contrasting color palettes, iconic for the Art Deco style. And the use of these colors in the decoration can instantly revive the art of this style in your home. Bathroom and kitchen tiles in monochrome black, white and red combinations, and deep brown were great during this period.

Artwork and sculptures

Sculpture in Art Deco interior style

Sculpture in Art Deco interior style

Bold oil paintings, sculptural table lamps, decorative bedroom furniture and furniture with lots of small details were commonplace during the Art Deco period. Bring these items to your room to create an interior in Art Deco style.

Elements of the cosmopolitan Art Deco

Different textiles in Art Deco interior style

Different textiles in Art Deco interior style

In high fashion art, Art Deco style was completely directed to add visual drama and bring Cosmopolis lifestyle to the composition. The furniture had a clear line, it was decorated with bold fabrics with zigzags, stripes, chevrons and simple textiles.  Silk fabrics exuded a sense of drama, like Hollywood regency style.

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