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3 Main Decor Trends For 2016 According To Pinterest

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Besides the Pantone’s colors of 2016 you can also rely on Pinterest to give you direction in home decorating. Even if you’re not planning big changes for your interior this year, you can use a few of these things to improve on what you already have.

Pinterest 100 Home Decor Ideas for 2016

Throw pillows

Graphic Pillows

Bright throw pillows are a great decoration even if you already have an established interior look. This year look for prints, artful drawings, and abstract brushstrokes in pillows to enhance your living room sofa or bed.

Marble metallic wallpaper

Metallic Accents

Metallic accents are huge this year as well and come in different shapes and forms from marbled wallpaper by Callico to small kitchen appliances and other gadgets like bluetooth speakers. Use them to make your interior look more luxurious and stylish.

Neutral Tones

Bedroom interior in neutral tones

Neutral tones are everywhere from bedroom to living room where grey reigns to nursery, which becomes more and more genderless.

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