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  • 5 Ideas to Hide Workplace in Interior

    Today more people are working at home. But finding a place for the perfect home office is not easy, especially in a small apartment. Usually in this case the workplace fits into the interior of another room See how to arrange a hidden home office

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  • 5 Ideas for Room Zoning

    For a comfortable stay in a residential area there should be several functional areas. Not all of us have financial capacities to buy a multi-bedroom apartment. That is why so many need to divide the room into zones See 5 basic ways to divide a room into zones

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  • DIY Idea on Renewing Old Table

    Don’t hurry throwing away your old tables and chairs! Almighty Magician DIY comes to give a new life to these items. He guarantees their further service to be long and faithful. All you need is to buy some colored tape and look through these easy DIY tricks.
    DIY dining table.

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  • Tricks for Fast and Cheap Renovation

    Here is your good old house, looking too familiar. But it still too long before your bank savings allow you to buy a brand new furniture set and to make total renovation of your interior. Though, there is a splendid way to give old things a new look. New interior for less money

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  • Sand Floor Interiors

    Summer is gone. If you miss it like us, bring a peace of this joyful time into home by installing a sand floor.  Walking on it barefoot will bring amazing memories of vacation days back at any day. Sand Floor Interiors

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  • SPA Design Ideas to Use in Home Decor

    SPA sounds like the most relaxing place ever could be. So why not bring its attitude into your house? Tips To Use SPA Desighn in Home Decor

  • How To Organize Cables Around House

    Just yesterday we talked a little bit about keeping home office neat and safe by organizing cable cords. Beside being messy and dangerous cable cords and various wires can be very unsightly. Organizing Cables and Wires

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  • Wall Retouching Tools & Tips

    Paint is probably the cheapest treatment for the walls but marks and dings are inevitable with time. Even after walls were freshly painted some unsightly marks might appear and simply ruin the look. Retouching Tools & Tips for Walls

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  • 5 Restaurant Design Ideas To Use In Home Decor

    Restaurants are a great source of design inspiration. Many modern restaurants have bold design ideas you could try to incorporate into your home interior. Restaurant Design Ideas For Home Decor

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  • How To Use Accent Chairs In Decor

    Accent chairs can brighten up the living room and add style to the bedroom. Side chairs don’t have to match the sofa but on the contrary should be bright and eye catchy. Accent Chairs In Decor

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  • Ideas For Storing Wood Logs Indoors

    Wood logs are a common fuel for fireplaces and stoves but what to do when there is no space to store them? Wood Logs In Interior Design

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  • How To Choose Flooring For Your Interior Design

    Flooring can be a great decorative addition to the interior design but it should also be functional and fit the room’s purpose and style. Flooring For Your Interior Design

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  • Budget Makeover Ideas For Home

    Every interior might need a makeover once in a while. If you follow trends or update your decor according to season you might wonder about some budget-friendly ideas on how to update your home. Budget Makeover Ideas

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  • Kitchen Display Storage Tips

    Kitchen storage does not only have to be functional, it can be decorative too. Open shelving is one great way to add display objects to the kitchen design. How to: Kitchen Open Shelves

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  • 5 Common Decorating Mistakes

    Decorating one’s home can be challenging and yield different results in comparison with the professional’s work. But it’s possible to learn about the rules of decorating and the mistakes to avoid. The Common Decorating Mistakes

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  • Creating Home Office On Budget

    Setting up one’s own home office can be expensive but it doesn’t mean it has to be. There are many budget-friendly design solutions that can help save money while setting up a home office. Budget Home Office Design Ideas

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  • How To Choose Chandelier

    Chandelier is not merely a source of lighting in the room it is also a decoration, an accent. Tips To Choosing Chandelier

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  • How To Choose Your Decorating Style

    Choosing decorating style is the first step to remodeling a house or a room. It determines the aesthetics, materials, shapes, and colors. Choose Your Decorating Style

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  • Coastal Interior Design On Budget

    Coastal decor is beautiful and relaxing and it can be easily created on a budget. Coastal Decor On Budget

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