• 3 Charming Kid’s Garden Playhouses

    In our childhood many of us dreamed of having our own room, where you can play and have fun without worrying that excessive noise would cause adults’ resentment. And a small house would be more desirable.  See three amazing examples of garden kid’s playhouse

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  • Houseboat on Seine

    Marie and Michael are happy owners of a barge on the Seine. They are sure that lucky star led them to the Seine. There is not a wide selection of barges on the market, so they have bought Freycinet built in 1930. See how to remodel a barge into a stunning houseboat

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  • Mini Home Garden Without Soil

    Hydroponics is a way of growing plants without soil, in which the plant receives all the necessary nutrients in the right quantities and the exact proportions. It is almost impossible to implement in soil cultivation. See how to arrange a mini garden using hydroponics system

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  • What to Do With Unused Swimming Pool

    There are many people who would trade their swimming pool for something more practical like a storage area, a fishtank or a garden. But all of these things could be realized even having a swimming pool in your yard. Ideas for Unused Swimming Pool

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  • Ideas for Attracting Kids to Playground

    Are you worried that your child spends too much time playing Minecraft and watching TV? There is a way to drag him or her away from the computer. A playground outside the house is the solution you’re looking for.  How to design a playground?

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  • Tree House Casa del Arbol

    Have you ever played in a tree house? Surely you remember those moments when you considered yourself an owner of a whole proper house where your imagination had no limits. Well, tree houses have changed a bit since you were a child. Modern technology creates eco-friendly tree house.

  • Awesome Maple Garden in New Zealand

    A garden of stunning beauty is located in the south of New Zealand. It is famous among local people and those who have ever visited it tell stories about its beauty. Indeed, this is a piece of art among all gardens in the world. Have a look at loveliest Maple Garden.

  • Some Ideas to Decorate Garden for Winter

    We continue discussing redecoration of your outdoors for winter. Let’s move from porch to the garden and explore some ideas on decorating your garden for winter season. How to decorate a garden for winter season

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  • How to Design Winter Porch

    Front porch probably is the most unwelcoming place in winter. It is empty and frozen. It hardly reminds warm and inviting place you enjoyed a couple months ago. Though, true interiorholic doesn’t see any reasons why it should stay so. Discover some ideas on redesigning the porch for winter.

  • Mosaic in Garden Paths

    A custom to decorate paths with mosaic brought to Europe from Mediterranean makes garden landscapes charming and interesting. It gives you a reason for being very proud of your garden.
    Using mosaic to decorate garden paths.

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  • Greenery Around Swimming Pool

    It’s such a pleasure to have a nice swim in cool water during the heat of a summer day. Which kind of tree would you prefer lying under? And what kind of plants suit a swimming pool anyway? How to choose plants for swimming pool landscape.

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  • Tips on Decorating Garden for Party

    Throw a party in your garden or on the backyard on the weekend and we will tell easy ways on how to arrange it. Garden Party Ideas

  • Creative Garden Seating Ideas

    Garden is an ultimate personal getaway and while it might take a lot of work and effort to maintain you can always take a moment to sit back and enjoy all the work done on your lucious greenery. Garden Seating Ideas

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  • Beach Entry Pool For Your Backyard

    Summer is all about hot weather, vacation, and leisure. Unfotunately, most exiciting tropical vacations don’t last more than two weeks and when we’re back home it’s same old routine but dressed in idle summer heat. Create Tropical Paradise in Backyard with Beach Entry Pool

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  • 5 Fruit To Grow In Containers

    There are many different kinds of fruit out there and while many of them can be grown in the garden not all of us have land for that. Fruit To Grow At Home

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  • Greener Gardening Practices

    When going green don’t forget about keeping your gardening practices eco-friendly too. Tips for Greener Gardening

  • More Garden Design Ideas

    A simple garden is already good enough, especially in an urban environment but you can do so much more with your green outdoor space. Garden Design Ideas

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  • Lawn Decorating Ideas

    A classic lawn can look beautiful provided it is properly cared after but there is always a way to enhance the look. Lawn Decoration Ideas

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  • Sprucing Up Exterior With Flowers

    Climbing plants and vines are great for sprucing up the facade of your home, but flowers add not only greenery but also color to the exterior. Decorating Exterior With Climbing Flowers

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