Luxury Houses

  • Blue House in Marrakech

    There are people in the world who collect stamps or expensive wines. Stylist Frans Ancone prefers to collect Moroccan riads. The Blue House, created for him by designer duo Lippini Alessandra and Fabrizio Bizzarri, is his eighth acquisition in Marrakech. See amazing interior design in blue shades

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  • Russian Billionaire’s Castle in Umbria

    American decorator Martin Lawrence Bullard designed a castle in Umbria for Russian billionaire Evgeny Lebedev. He is friends with Eugene for many years. And together they share a love for all Italian things. See luxury interior design of the castle in Umbria

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  • Private Villa in Wild Africa

    This is Leobo Private Reserve, a luxurious private villa located in Limpopo in South Africa, and surrounded by the beautiful landscape and the picturesque view for many miles around. This private villa is located on 12,000 acres of land, and accommodate up to 26 guests at a time. See amazing luxury villa in Africa

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  • Spaceship Looking Penthouse

    Looking at the classical facade of a building in the center of Vienna, built in XIX century by the architect Theophil von Hansen, it is hard to believe that it has a penthouse on the upper floor with a spaceship-looking interior. See photos of amazing spaceship looking penthouse

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  • Home in Black Serenity

    A Taiwanese design studio Atelierii + Just Make Design a bold offered decision for the residence «Home in Black Serenity» in Taipei. Using completely dark finishes, decorative elements and furniture, designers sought to create a sense of total luxury. See exquisite luxury home interior design in black

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  • $32 Million Penthouse in Soho

    A posh penthouse in Soho was put up for sale for $32 million in New York, USA. The two-level residence with a large roof terrace has a total area of about 700 sq.m. See photos of this exquisite apartment

  • House with Vertical Garden by Aamer Architects

    Aamer Architects completed construction of Garden Villa, a modern private house in Singapore, hidden under a magnificent tropical vertical garden. See the incredible vertical garden of the Garden Villa

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  • Palace for Saudi Prince

    Christopher Hall is a well-known interior designer in the East. His portfolio includes the most luxurious, beautiful, expensive, and large-scale projects in the world. For example, he made interior design for the grandson of the King of Saudi Arabia – Prince Faisal bin Sattama. See photos of the Saudi Prince’s Palace

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  • Architectural Masterpiece of Oscar Niemeyer Restored

    Connoisseurs of architecture of the mid-twentieth century, Michael and Gabrielle Boyd discovered a forgotten architectural masterpiece of Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer in Los Angeles and brought it back to life. See photos of unique house designed by Oscar Niemeyer in Los Angeles

  • Gas Station New Orleans House

    This is an old gas station that was turned into a house for rent. It is a great place for events and crazy parties for young people. Especially the Gas Station house is beloved by men who feel the spirit of drive and youth. Gas Station in New Orleans Turned Into a House

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  • Soldati House: Interior in Classic Minimalism Style

    Soldati House was built in 1990s with no outstanding architecture. But with a little help of an interior designer Victor Vasilev it was turned into a beautiful stylish home. Classic Minimalism Interior

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  • Apartment in East Hampton, New York

    Apartment in East Hampton by Narofsky Architecture and Ways2Design is a modern hut, no more, no less. East Hampton Apartment

  • Greenwich Street Project: Apartment In New York

    This Greenwich Street Project apartment is located at the crossroads of Soho, Tribeca and the Hudson River Park, and features two bedrooms and a home office that can be used as another bedroom as well as three bathrooms. Luxury Apartment In New York

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  • Luxury Tribeca Penthouse With Beautiful Outdoor Area

    A penthouse in New York is surely a coveted living space but this luxury Tribeca apartment also boasts a beautiful outdoor area. Luxury Tribeca Penthouse In Lower Manhattan

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  • Singapore Pre-War Shophouse Renovation

    This amazing Singapore pre-war shophouse was renovated by RichardHO Architects. Singapore Shophouse Renovation

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  • ‘Pure White’ House Interior With Palm Trees

    ‘Pure white’ is a house designed by Susanna Cots. Taking name from the main color in its color scheme the ‘Pure White’ is an amazing modern abode with glass enclosure of two big palm trees.  ‘Pure White’ House With Enclosed Palm Trees

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  • Glamorous Interior Design by Kelly Wearstler

    Designed for a couple this Mercer Island home features a beautiful, glamorous and luxurious interior design by Kelly Wearstler. Glamorous Luxury Interior Design

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  • Castle In The Woods By Shiflet Group Architects

    Designed by Shiflet Group Architects, a $22.5 million Castle in the Woods is a 16,722 square foot estate featuring 7 bedrooms looks like a fairy-tale home. The Castle in the Woods

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  • Amazing House by Beckwith Interiors

    Designing home of her own the head of the Beckwith Interiors studio Jamie Beckwith created an amazing modern but inviting interior. Amazing Pool House & Wine Cellar

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