9 Main Tasks of Kitchen Renovation

When planning a kitchen renovation, we envision a standard set of tasks: selection of colors and decorative materials, purchase of furniture and appliances. However, the modern approach to the repair involves a much wider range of activities. See main 9 steps to be taken during kitchen renovation

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3 Modern Kitchen Trends for 2014

Tendency to “lightness” makes kitchen furniture designers to seek new and innovative solutions that would allow the kitchen furniture look light and airy, and make kitchens look open and spacious. There are three trends of modern kitchens of 2013, which remain timely this year: hidden kitchen, “levitating” kitchen and “living” kitchen.

3 Major Trends in Kitchen Design for 2014

Xtend+ by LEICHT Küchen AG

Xtend+ by LEICHT Küchen AG

Hidden kitchen

The main trend in the design of kitchen furniture is a desire to hide not only technology, but also shelves and storage boxes behind smooth facades. Moreover, in several models kitchen turns into a smooth wall with one touch of a button. The combination of colors and textures gives the facade a special attraction. Among the technical innovations we can note induction hobs, integrated directly into the countertop.

“Levitating” kitchen

Lightweight wall hanging modules of custom shapes and sizes are in trend. Due to clear contours in kitchen designs, the elements of the kitchen look like they are hovering in the air. Effect of soaring is supported by LED, which in recent years has become a fashionable element in kitchen design.

“Living” kitchen

Today, a clear preference is given to an open-plan kitchen furniture. It became quite popular to integrate kitchen into living areas, i.e. combination of life and cooking. Kitchen furniture is getting closer to the architectural creation and loses utility functions. That is why open surfaces are prevalent in the design of modern kitchens.

Kitchen furniture is becoming more like a furniture for living. That allows it to fully integrate into the living space. The central place is occupied by an island made ​​of natural stone. It is a place for cooking, dinners, joint pastime with family and guests.


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Ecooking Vertical Multifunctional Kitchen

Italian company Clei produces unique and luxurious transforming furniture. The company celebrated 50th anniversary this year and marked it with new innovative technologies and ideas for further development. See amazing innovative multifunctional kitchen from Clei

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How to Make Your Kitchen Unique

Some creative details will make a kitchen not only the most important place in the house but a place of your culinary inspiration. (more…)

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7 Tips To Make Kitchen in Rental Apartment More Cozy

To do, or not to do renovation in a renting apartment? That is the question that lots of tenants face. Simple Steps Make Kitchen Cozy

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Creating Chef-Worthy State-Of-The-Art Kitchen

If you love cooking and spend most of your free time concocting recipes and creating culinary masterpieces in the kitchen then you might want a state-of-the-art kitchen to help you hone your skills and undertake even more amazing and ambitious projects. State-Of-The-Art Kitchen Design Ideas

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Kitchen Concepts From Yaroslav Galant

Ukrainian designer Yaroslav Galant has created a new kitchen concept inspired by the Buick car to celebrate the brand’s 110th anniversary. Unusual Kitchen Concepts

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Interesting Kitchen Design By CUBE Architecten

Kloveniersburgwal House is a canal house in Amsterdam. Its owner’s love for cooking prompted a refurbishment project fulfilled by CUBE Architecten. Incredible Kitchen By CUBE Architecten

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Stylish Traditional Kitchen Design Ideas

Traditional kitchens sometimes can be too monotone with all the cabinets, tables and other furnishings made of one type of wood. Traditional Kitchen Design Ideas

A Word About Free-Standing Kitchen Units

Free-standing kitchen units are an amazing design solution for bigger homes, the unusual way to divide space in places like warehouses and lofts. About Free-Standing Kitchen Units

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5 Ideas To Jazz Up Kitchen

Even a small detail can sometimes change the look of your kitchen. Jazz Up The Kitchen

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25 Dream Kitchen Designs

A dream kitchen. What’s it like? For everyone it’s different but some of these features can surely add to any kitchen design. Get Inspired With These Dream Kitchen Designs

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Tile Work: Kitchen Design Ideas

Tile work can enhance almost any room. Commonly used in kitchens and bathrooms tile work can be both functional and beautiful. Kitchen Design Ideas

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25 Open Plan Kitchen Designs

Looking for interesting ways of desiging your open plan kitchen? Here are some ideas on how to pull off the open kitchen look. Open Plan Kitchen Designs

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Outdoor/Indoor: Kitchens With Glass Walls

If you want to make a kitchen more cozy and add special appeal to it glass wall can be a solution. Kitchens With Glass Walls

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Ideas For Retro Kitchen Design

Want a bright cute kitchen? Take a look at these fun retro kitchen designs to get a dose of inspiration. Retro Kitchen Ideas

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Ideas For Creating Shabby Chic Kitchen Design

Continuing our shabby chic design idea file we would like to talk about shabby chic kitchen designs. What can be more cozy than a nostalgic vintage kitchen a little bit distressed from time? Shabby Chic Kitchen Design Ideas

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Tiny Kitchen Design Solutions

Tiny kitchen can be a headache in terms of use as well as design. What to do to not overpower a tiny space with decor? Tiny Kitchen Designs

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Amazing Modern Kitchen Designs

Kitchen design evolves every year bringing the new designs and solutions. Amazing Modern Kitchens

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