Going Green

  • Home Appliances for Eco-Friendly Houses

    One of the hallmarks of home appliances for Green buildings, is the presence of “energy-saving products” marking. Energy-saving techniques should combine the following factors: energy saving, eco-friendly production, exploitation and recycling. See eco-friendly household appliances

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  • Furniture for Eco-Friendly House

    In the last article we talked about the interior finishing materials for eco-friendly houses. Unlike conventional apartments, green buildings require special furnishing. See how to choose furniture for eco-friendly house

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  • Finishing Materials for Eco-Friendly Houses

    Green house is an environmentally friendly space for human habitation. It is built, using natural, environmentally friendly materials, as well as green technology, which does not cause harm to the environment.  See what kinds of finishing materials are used in eco-friendly houses

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  • How to Create Healthy Home Interior

    It is well known that we can feel good in one house, whereas in the other one we often have headaches and feel sick. Today, thanks to the combined efforts of physicians, psychologists, ecologists, and designers, this inexplicable phenomenon is unraveled. See how to make your home healthy

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  • Highest Vertical Garden Project

    An inventor of conceived vertical gardens Patrick Blanc and a French architect Jean Nouvel have designed a living breathing Eden to be built in Sydney. See incredible vertical garden which will be created in Sydney

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  • Cosmetics Home Lab

    A graduate of London’s Royal College of Art Lauren Davies has created a small domestic laboratory for those who do not trust cosmetic corporations, so that they could produce natural cosmetics at home. See how to produce natural cosmetics at home

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  • Textile Made of Milk

    28-year-old Anke Domaske, a German designer and biologist came up with the original type of textile – a fabric made ​​of milk fibers. Read on to find out more about the innovative biological fabric

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  • Features of Modern Eco-Houses

    Nowadays architects from all around the world pay more attention to the development of environmentally-friendly and energy-saving buildings to reduce the harmful effects on the environment and conserve power. Learn more about the basic principles of

  • World’s TOP 20 Aquatic Plants Layout Designs

    A home aquarium can create a unique harmony of inner world and bring peace and tranquility into the house. Aquarium in the room interior always attracts attention. See 20 best aquatic designs in the world

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  • Trees in Interior

    Trees in interior is the new fashion trend in decoration design. Today in many cafes and restaurants you can find a tree that is growing up just in the middle of the dining area. Tree House Interior

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  • How To Choose Alternative Sources of Energy for Home. Part 2

    Well, now you know the main kinds of alternative energy sources. What’s next? On What You Need to Pay Attention to?

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  • How To Choose Alternative Sources of Energy for Home. Part 1

    So you decided to go green and establish an alternative source of energy in your country cottage or at home. Types of Alternative Sources of Energy

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  • Going Green: Creative Recycling Ideas

    Recycling is the basic principle of green living. So if you decided to go green there are many things you may have around the house that need recycling. Best Ways to Recycle

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  • How To Build Eco-Friendly House

    There are quite a few ways of building an eco-friendly house. And even when the house is done finishing and furnishing can too be green and environmentally-conscious. Build an Eco-Friendly House

  • Green Cleaning Ideas & Tips

    Commercial cleaning products are known to include various chemicals but for green home it’s not the most healthy and eco-friendly choice. Cleaning Ideas & Tips For Eco-Friendly

  • How To Choose Energy Efficient Home Appliances

    So now that we’ve talked about green interior design, decor, remodeling and practices, it’s time to think about how to choose efficient appliances that we use everyday. Efficient Home Appliances

  • 5 Remodeling Tips For Greener Home

    We already wrote some tips on how to go green at home with these practices, but you can do more by remodeling your home to be more eco-friendly. Tips For Greener Home

  • Going Green With Bamboo

    Bamboo is a plant that is used extensively in construction and design alike. Being both sturdy and eco-friendly with warm wooden texture bamboo is a perfect choice for stylish sustainable decor. Green Bamboo Decorating Ideas

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  • Go Green & Recycle: DIY Planter Pots

    There are so many things we discard every month and even every day and while most of them end up in a landfill others may still lie down in our basements or up in our attics. DIY Planter Pot Ideas

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