• Mini Home Garden Without Soil

    Hydroponics is a way of growing plants without soil, in which the plant receives all the necessary nutrients in the right quantities and the exact proportions. It is almost impossible to implement in soil cultivation. See how to arrange a mini garden using hydroponics system

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  • Awesome Maple Garden in New Zealand

    A garden of stunning beauty is located in the south of New Zealand. It is famous among local people and those who have ever visited it tell stories about its beauty. Indeed, this is a piece of art among all gardens in the world. Have a look at loveliest Maple Garden.

  • Mosaic in Garden Paths

    A custom to decorate paths with mosaic brought to Europe from Mediterranean makes garden landscapes charming and interesting. It gives you a reason for being very proud of your garden.
    Using mosaic to decorate garden paths.

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  • Tips on Decorating Garden for Party

    Throw a party in your garden or on the backyard on the weekend and we will tell easy ways on how to arrange it. Garden Party Ideas

  • 5 Fruit To Grow In Containers

    There are many different kinds of fruit out there and while many of them can be grown in the garden not all of us have land for that. Fruit To Grow At Home

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  • Greener Gardening Practices

    When going green don’t forget about keeping your gardening practices eco-friendly too. Tips for Greener Gardening

  • 5 Vertical Garden Ideas

    Vertical gardens is a big thing right now. But there are more and simpler solutions out there than a professionally created green wall. Vertical Garden Ideas

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  • Charming Urban Garden Ideas

    Urban gardens are commonly small and feature very little to no soil but it doesn’t mean they can’t be gorgeous and charming. Urban Garden Ideas

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  • Top 8 Amazing Rose Varieties

    Rose is such a romantic flower and has over a hundred varieties which allows amateur gardeners choose from a wide array of colors and shapes. Amazing Rose Varieties

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  • Winter Gardening Tips

    Winter is coming so if you keep a garden these winter gardening tips may prove useful. Gardening Tips for Winter

  • Balcony Garden Design Ideas

    Balcony is a great place for creating a garden. Even if it’s ‘small its rails can serve as a trellis for crawling plants or a platform for small planters. Balcony Garden Designs

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  • Indoor Gardening Ideas

    Limited space capacity has provoked many creative ideas on including the greenery into ones’ life. This post will introduce you to indoor gardening design ideas, that will ultimately change the whole outlook of your inner living space. Indoor Gardening

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  • Green Roof Budget Ideas

    The green roofs are predominantly used in urban landscapes. However, to make your green roof environment is not so difficult as you think if you would follow these simple instructions. Green Roof Budget ideas

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  • Urban Gardening Designs

    Do you live in a mega polis and just absolutely strive for some fresh air amidst the greenery? Urban Gardening ideas

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  • Green Decor: Vertical Garden Ideas

    Vertical garden is a good alternative to a common garden especially when there’s lack of space. Vertical Garden Ideas

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  • Budget Garden Makeover Tips

    Garden may too need a makeover if it’s been neglected or you simply want to give it a fresh start. Garden Makeover on a Budget

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  • Rooftop Garden Design Ideas

    Rooftop gardens are becoming more and more popular due to the lack of space in urban environment for conventional ones. Rooftop Garden Designs

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  • Small Spaced Garden Tips And Ideas

    Lack of space doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy the garden or the sight of greenery. There are quite a number of ways to create a small-spaced garden for your home. Ideas And Tips Small Spaced Garden

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  • How To Build Rock Garden

    Rock garden is a great landscaping trick for a low maintenance which looks lovely and beautiful. Rock Garden How-To

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