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Dining Room by Geometrix Design

Moscow-based studio Geometrix Design created this interior for the “Kvartirnyy Vopros” TV show in Russia. The main task was to create a dining room where the owners could meet guests and also could double as a kitchen. Combined Kitchen and Dining Room for Clubbers

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Dining Room With Moroccan Accents

Moroccan style is very attractive and works in any room. You can create an entire room solely in Moroccan style or add a few elements and accents that will give it lush Moroccan feel. Dining Room Design In Moroccan Style

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Open Dining Room Designs

In many modern houses with open layout a dining room is located in front of an outdoor entry which provides it with both natural light and views. Light-Filled Dining Rooms

Creating Focal Point In Dining Room

Every room needs a focal point. In dining room there are plenty of ways to create a focal point. Focal Point In Dining Room

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25 Dream Dining Room Designs

To create a dream dining room create a floor plan and choose the color scheme for walls, ceiling, and furniture. Creating A Dream Dining Room Design

Dramatic Dining Room Design Ideas

A dramatic dining room design is not difficult to achieve. Color alone can provide for drama and character in the room. Creating Dramatic Dining Room Design

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20 Dining Room Designs Featuring Mismatched Chairs

Looking for a way of jazzing up a dining room? Mismatched furniture is a sure way to add detail to the look. Mismatched Chairs In Dining Rooms

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Ideas For Decorating Coastal Dining Room

Coastal dining is warm and welcoming. Airy color schemes with bright eye-catchy accents create a dreamy beach themed look that Ideas for Designing Coastal Dining Room

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Elegant Dining Room Designs With A Twist

How to create dining room that would be elegant but not boring? Adding an unexpected design element will make a whole new turn in dining room design. Elegant Dining Room Designs

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Retro Dining Room Design Ideas

Stylish retro dining room design can be created in various ways. It can be a recreated authentic retro look or an updated modern retro design. Retro Dining Rooms

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Shabby Chic Dining Room Design Ideas

Shabby chic dining room can be elegant and romantic as well as create a cozy inviting atmosphere. Shabby Chic Dining Rooms

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Creative Dining Room Design Solutions

Dining room design can be enhanced with various design solutions from unsual dining table to beautiful pendant lights. Creative Dining Room Designs

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Cozy Dining Room Design Ideas

Cozy dining room is a great gathering spot for family and friends. How To Create Cozy Dining Room Design

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Industrial Chic Dining Room Design Ideas

Industrial chic dining room can be full of contrasts but it should look harmonious and unified by one theme. Industrial Chic Dining Rooms

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Modern Dining Room Design Ideas

Modern dining room design can be both formal and casual. The clean lines give the modern dining room polished look. Modern Dining Room Designs

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Dining Room Designs In Pastels

Stylish dining room designs come in various colors and hues. Pastels can give the dining room a subtle and elegant look. Cool Dining Room Design Ideas

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Small Dining Room Design Ideas

The first most important thing when decorating a small dining room is to find a dinner table that would fit the dining room and seat the whole family. Small Dining Room Designs

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Bright Dining Room Designs

Bright and colorful dining room can add character and fun to the house. See Bright Dining Rooms

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Dining Room Christmas Decor Ideas

If a dining room is where the Christmas dinner will be held then it must have at least a hint of holiday spirit. Ideas for Dining Room Christmas Decor

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