• Christmas Decorating Trends For 2014

    If you don’t feel festive yet it’s high time to do something about it. It’s Christmas in a little more than a week after all and we are here to help you decorate your home and bring some holiday spirit to it. Christmas Decorating Trends

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  • Pantone Color Of 2015, Marsala In Interior Design

    Pantone has announced the color of 2015. A wine red tint is going to rule over fashion and interior design this coming year. Marsala In Interior Design

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  • Night Sky In Your Bedroom

    A night sky full of stars is a sight to admire but it’s rarely possible to see it especially in busy cities full of smog. Starry Ceiling In Your Bedroom

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  • Easy Budget Halloween Decorations

    It’s two days before Halloween and if you haven’t done any decorating yet it’s time to start now. Budget Halloween Decorations

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  • Top 7 Designer Heaters By Jaga

    Add a touch of glamour to your home interior design. These beautiful designer heaters from Jaga will not only keep you warm during cold winter, but will also become a luxury accessorie for your interior decor. 7 Unique Designer Heaters

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  • Top 7 Brightest Interior Designs

    The bright colors don’t only make your mood brighter but they became a modern interior design trend, bringing rich hues into home interiors and making the rooms appear bigger. Bright Colors In Interior Decorating

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  • Home Interior Design at Subconscious Level

    Homely atmosphere, the interior of your home and the setting affects directly your character, perception of the world and life in general. How to start a new life? Let’s start with the interior of your home. See how to decorate home interior for different people

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  • Interior Design in Shining Orchid

    Pantone, a recognized authority in the field of color, announced a mysterious glowing orchid a shade of the year. Admiring the bold choice of the masters, we explain how to cope with an unusual trend and use it in interior design.  See how to apply it in home interior

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  • 7 Famous Designer Items

    There are home furnishings (furniture, accessories) that are found in almost every home. Today, it is almost impossible to imagine the home interiors without a chair, a table, an armchair, a dresser, a chandelier, a lamp and a vase. See 7 famous designer furnishings

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  • Designer Vs. Decorator

    Is there a difference between interior design and decoration? Or is it just marketing techniques to attract potential customers? Many of us confuse interior designers with decorators. Find the differences between them

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  • 5 Unusual Flooring Types

    Sometimes, to renovate the interior, it is not necessary to do a major overhaul. Floor sets the mood throughout the room. And changing the flooring may be the only necessary step for its radical transformation. See unusual flooring ideas

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  • 5 TOP European Designers

    When we are going to do extensive remodeling in our apartments, it is best to invite a professional designer. And if the designer has also extensive experience, as well as a fairly well-known, that is the reason to expect better results. See 5 best designers from Europe

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  • Human Bones As Medieval Interior Decoration

    Gothic church of All Saints (Czech Republic) is considered one of the most horrible of works of art. Its walls are decorated with 40,000 human bones of the Middle Ages. See the horrible decorations

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  • Electricity-Free Clay Refrigerator

    According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, while a large number of people in the world are starving, 1.4 millard tons of food per year is thrown into landfills. See how MittiCool fridge solves the problem of products’ storage

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  • Wireless Lighting in Interior Design

    Development of science and technology has allowed making our homes not only beautiful and comfortable, but also safe. Bulky appliances, spoiling by their appearance all the design of the apartment, have long been in the past. See how to decorate your home with wireless lighting

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  • Spectacular Finishing Material for All Surfaces

    Designers from the Israeli Decotal company have created a unique and unparalleled material – ultra-thin tiles. However, this is not exactly a tile, but rather a cross between the tiles and wallpaper. Its components are metal and stone See the amazing Decotal tiles

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  • Three Fancy Chandeliers

    Today we want to talk about three unusual chandeliers, which rarely can be found in houses. Their uniqueness lies not only in non-standard materials used in their manufacture, but also in other amazing features. See these three amazing chandeliers

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  • Maisons du Monde Summer Trends 2014

    French brand Maisons du Monde known in Europe, released summer collection of furniture for original interior designs. They are distinguished by bright colors and the idea of ​​mixing them in the most daring combinations.  See two furniture collection from Maisons du Monde

  • Interiors by Fashion Designer Christian Lacroix

    Famous designers and world-renowned fashion houses now offer their fans not only clothes, numerous accessories and perfumes, but also stylish furniture, original features, and even entire interiors. See the interiors designed by Christian Lacroix

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