• Play of Light and Shadows

    Many designers are very actively using the play of light and shadows to create the most interesting and unexpected visual effects. This is what will be discussed in this article. Meet lamps capable of creating intricate patterns and pictures in your house See lamps, which create incredible shades

  • How to Make Designer Rug

    Unusual, designer and simply beautiful rug is always a conspicuous element of the interior, which can decorate a room and make it look more cozy. If you can not afford unique designer rugs, then maybe it’s time to show imagination Learn more about 7 types of handmade rugs

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  • Paisley Ornament in Interior Design

    Persia has always been famous for its wealth and luxury design. Echoes of the Persian Empire still reach our generation in the form of stories, jewelry and, of course, the original ornate. One of them is an unusual ornament called “paisley”.  Learn more about paisey ornament

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  • Kilim Rugs in Interior Design

    East made ​​the most significant contribution to the spread of carpets worldwide. Today we will tell about kilims – traditional oriental carpets, which are interesting due to a number of properties. Learn more about kilim rugs

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  • Flowers in Eggshell

    The idea of ​​such an unusual Floristry could be used for Easter. But on the other spring days this original flower arrangement will be no less relevant. See 9 ideas of flower decor in eggshells

  • Brutal Masculan Interior Design

    The interior of the dwelling emphasizes the character of the homeowner. If the apartment is fully owned by a man, this interior will be difficult to be confused with the female. Here you won’t find flowers and crawfish, sweet candy colors and flowery patterns. See what designers offer for masculan interiors

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  • Stencils for Wall and Furniture Decor

    Stencils for wall decor can be a cheaper alternative and quite expensive wallpaper mural. Besides, they are easy to apply to any wall in the house. Learn more about decorating with stencils

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  • Oil Painting in Interior Design

    Paintings are good accents in the interior. They create a mood, a sense of harmony and perfection. Each painting technique is good in its own way. In this article we will focus on oil paintings. In oil painting special inks are used. Learn how to use oil paintings in interior design

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  • Aquarium in Interior Design

    Aquarium is a great tool to transform the interior, because the aqueous interior with its animals, fish, plants and entourage looks very effectively. From time immemorial we know that watching swimming fish allows a person to relax.  See more to find out about the types of aquarium

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  • Interior Decorations Made of Pasta

    Pasta is a great material for creativity. First, modern industry produces a wide variety of pasta shapes that allows experimenting with creating compositions. Secondly, this material is always at hand. See how to use pasta as decorating material

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  • “Layered” Furniture Collection

    While studying at the Design Academy in Eindhoven, Dirk Vander Coy made up his own 3D-printer, an industrial robot, which recycles plastic according to drawings and prints furniture and home furnishings. See creative furniture and home accesories by Dirk Vander Coy

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  • Philips DesignLine TV Received Gold Award

    Philips DesignLine is recognized as one of the top 50 winners of iF Product Design Award. Introducing a single panel of glass, Philips DesignLine goes beyond standard design of TVs.  See unconventional Philips TV design

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  • Wall Decorating with Textiles

    Typically, wall drapery is made ​​of a thick cloth, the properties of which allow preserving the cover integrity for a sufficiently long period. Materials such as suede, velor are best used for surface treatment using “papering way” by gluing them to the base layer. See how to decorated walls with textiles

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    • kourtney kardashian house white bowl with black balls on dining table were is it from
  • Eclectic House in San Francisco

    Interior designer Benjamin Dhong seeks to achieve a balance between comfort, elegance and a certain degree of drama in all his projects. He says, you can trust those houses and apartments, where such balance exists. See eclectic home interior of an investment banker

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  • 4 Ideas of Ombre Effect in Interior Design

    Ombre is a new interior trend, which is based on a color change from dark to light tones or from one shade to another. This technique can also be called “degrade” or “gradient”. It can be used in a variety of interior decoration items. See four decorating options

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    • Dark brown color scheme
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  • Creative Design: Cutlery Recycling

    Every housewife has a large number of different devices that help prepare food or serve the table beautifully. However, the scope of these items is not limited to the kitchen. See some interesting ideas of cutlery recycling

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  • Creative and Funny Wall Hooks

    If you like creative items in the interior of your apartment, you will definitely notice the funny collection of wall hooks called Thelermont Hupton. Two British designers David Hupton and Yve Thelermont came up with these wonderful little things See funny and attractive hooks

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  • Bright Accents in White Interiors

    White interiors are truly universal. They are looking restrained and elegant in monochrome version. And they are instantly transformed by the addition of bright accents. See 9 interesting ideas of bright accents in white interiors

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  • Floral Decorations for Spring

    Decorating with flowers is a simple and affordable way to give the room a spring mood, originality and freshness. When receive a bouquet as a gift, we often do not hesitate to put it into a vase on the table in the living room. See how to make spring interior decoration with flowers

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