Decorating Basics

  • Mistakes in Choosing Window Treatments

    Proper design of windows can completely transform the entire room. Here we face a challenge of a wide choice of curtains textiles and cut options that can easily confuse even the most experienced home owner. See how to choose the right curtains

  • Lighting Basics For Interior Design

    Lighting is an essential element of interior design. It does not only provide us with light to function during any time of day but also allows offers numerous design solutions for our home interiors. Lighting In Decor

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  • Basics: Decoration Do’s and Don’ts

    Decoration requires the designer to follow some basic rules so here are some helpful decoration do’s and don’ts which will help you avoid some decorating mistakes. Decorating Basics: Interior Design Do’s and Don’ts

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  • Learning Contrast and Textures

    Adding contrasting accents to your interior design will jazz it up and deepen the decor. Texture will help avoid much contrast between basic and neutral colors and contrasting tones. Read on Learning Contrast and Texture

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