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  • What to Do With Unused Swimming Pool

    There are many people who would trade their swimming pool for something more practical like a storage area, a fishtank or a garden. But all of these things could be realized even having a swimming pool in your yard. Ideas for Unused Swimming Pool

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  • How to Design Winter Porch

    Front porch probably is the most unwelcoming place in winter. It is empty and frozen. It hardly reminds warm and inviting place you enjoyed a couple months ago. Though, true interiorholic doesn’t see any reasons why it should stay so. Discover some ideas on redesigning the porch for winter.

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  • Beach Entry Pool For Your Backyard

    Summer is all about hot weather, vacation, and leisure. Unfotunately, most exiciting tropical vacations don’t last more than two weeks and when we’re back home it’s same old routine but dressed in idle summer heat. Create Tropical Paradise in Backyard with Beach Entry Pool

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  • 5 Ways To Enhance Your Swimming Pool

    Swimming pool may be a luxury but in hot summer it’s an ultimate way to cool off. But what’s a swimming pool without all the additional decorations and accessories? A hole filled with water. Enhance Your Swimming Pool

  • Swimming Pool Deck Design Ideas

    Swimming pool is an ultimate summer entertainment and a way to cool off. Pool Deck Design Ideas

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  • Summer Deck/Terrace Design & Decorating Ideas

    Summer is drawing near so it’s time to think about an outdoor space to relax and rest as well as enjoy the warm days after a long and cold winter. Summer Deck/Terrace

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  • Swimming Pool Maintenance

    Swimming pools are not only great outdoor water features, but also amazing entertainment in summer time, when the hot air does not let us function normally. Swimming Pool Maintenance

  • Rooftop Terrace/Deck Design Ideas

    A rooftop terrace/deck is an ultimate outdoor space since it does not only provide beautiful views but can also serve as an urban garden. Rooftop Deck Ideas

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  • Charming Patio Design Ideas

    Patio is a great outdoor space for both lounging and eating, celebrating birthdays and simply entertaining friends. Patio Design Ideas

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  • Swimming Pool Grotto

    Grotto is a manmade cave that adds an inimitable charm to a swimming pool. Swimming Pool Grottos

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  • Impressive Deck Design Ideas

    Deck is a great place to lounge outdoors. But sometimes it can be too conservative so here we gathered a few amazing ideas on how to create an impressive and stylish deck. Impressive Decks

  • Natural Swimming Pools

    Natural swimming pools are the pools where the water is maintained through plants, which means that no chemicals are used to clean the water. Natural Swimming Pools & Ponds

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  • Water Features: Swimming Pool Waterfalls And Fountains

    Swimming pools are not only cool saviours during hot summer days but also the landcape wonders that add appeal to your yard and house. Swimming Pool Waterfalls, Fountains And Other Features

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  • Stone Swimming Pool Design Ideas

    Stone swimming pools have an irresistible flair. They look like natural wells and often feature a waterfall that adds drama to the entire look. Pools Made In Stone

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  • How To Design Sleeping Porch

    As the warm weather is about to come into certain parts of the world the sleeping porch is one of those things that can not only enjoy the alfresco feel and surrounding views but also save the energy on air conditioning. Designing A Sleeping Porch

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  • Swimming Pool Design Idea: Mosaic

    Decorative swimming pool adds an atmosphere to the outdoor area. Depending on the design a swimming pool can make an outdoor area look like an exotic resort. Mosaic Swimming Pool Designs

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  • Indoor Swimming Pool Design Ideas

    Indoor pool is a great addition to the house. It’s convenient and weather-proof so it’s almost always possible to enjoy a swim regardless of temperatures outdoors. Indoor Swimming Pool Ideas

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  • Glass Swimming Pool Design Ideas

    Glass swimming pool is a recent design trend that makes for an attractive and impressive outdoor decor. Glass Swimming Pools

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  • Mixing styles: Awesome Backyard Designs

    If you are one of those unique personas that hate conventional styles, here is a proposal – create your own style. This post is all about mixing styles in creating awesome backyard designs. Backyard Designs

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