• Cordless and Battery-Free Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

    Everybody knows that the vacuum cleaner sucks in the garbage and dust. But now engineers have developed a terrific idea – to use the collected garbage to produce energy required for the vacuum cleaner. See the innovative energy-saving vacuum cleaner

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  • “Must Have” Tools for Homekeeping. Part 2

    Our reader asked us to write a little bit more about the most necessary tools for successful home cleaning. This time I decided to make the list more specific for those who have pets living in the house. What things one needs to keep the house clean.

  • “Must Have” Tools for Housekeeping

    A secret to any beautiful interior is proper care. But good care doesn’t necessarily has to be expensive. An experienced housekeeper always has a “rescue kit” to solve any dirty business inside their house. And let’s have a look inside this kit to be armed against dust and dirty spots on any surface.  Most necessary tools for proper house cleaning.

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  • Keeping Bathroom Fresh & Clean

    Keeping bathroom clean may not be such a great problem, but keeping it fresh is a whole other thing. Tips For Fresh & Clean Bathroom

  • How To Clean Pillows

    Pillows make our beds ever so soft and cozy. Pillows can seem daunting to clean as they are quite delicate without anything to hold they filling together. Tips On Cleaning Pillows

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  • How To Clean Comforter

    We already discussed how to clean a matress, now let’s talk about comforters. They keep us warm and cozy at nights but they can get dirty pretty quickly. Cleaning Comforter

  • How To Clean Mirrors

    Cleaning a mirror is not that difficult but keeping it perfectly shiny can be a daunting task. Clean & Keep Mirror Shiny

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  • Spring Cleaning To-Do List

    If you still haven’t gotten to Spring cleaning you might want to make a to-do list to mentally prepare for it and tackle your big cleaning one task at a time. Cleaning To-Do List

  • How To Clean Blinds & Shades

    Blinds and shades are quite practical when it comes to window treatments. They stay away from floors and children and pets have more difficulty reaching them. Cleaning Blinds & Shades

  • Clean & Maintain: Mattress

    Cleaning a mattress can be such a daunting task but in order to maintain a good condition of your mattress for a long time cleaning should be regular. Tips On Cleaning Mattress

  • How To Keep Kids Room In Order

    With small kids the house in general and a kids room in particular become high traffic areas. So how to keep kids room in order? Tips To Keep Kids Room In Order

  • How To Maintain High Traffic Areas

    High traffic areas such as halls and living rooms can be quite difficult to maintain in terms of cleanliness and order. Tips On Keeping High Traffic Areas Clean

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  • How To Maintain White Interior Design

    White interior designs have its pros and cons. In terms of cleaning white interiors seem like a big challenge since at times it’s hard to keep it all-white. Maintenance Tips: White Interior Design

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  • How to Wash Silk Linens

    Silk linens are quite luxurious and expensive, but they can also be durable if properly cared for. How to Take Care of Silk Linens

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  • How To Clean Wool Rugs

    Wool rugs add warmth and splash of color to the interior design. It’s important to keep regular maintenance of wool rugs and carpets. Learn How To Clean Wool Rugs

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  • How to Clean Porcelain Tile Floors

    Porcelain tile as its ceramic counterpart is made out of clay, but since a more purified and refined clay is used for making porcelain tile it results in its higher density and durability. How to Care for Porcelain Tile Floors

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  • How to Clean Stone Tile Floors

    Stone floors are beautiful and they are a good investment. As with any floors they need a regular maintenance. Tips on Cleaning Beautiful Stone Tile Floors

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  • How to Clean Hardwood Floors

    Hardwood floors are made of timber or bamboo and can be given a shiny wax or urethane coating for a smooth reflective surface. Learn to Maintain, Protect & Clean Hardwood Floors

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  • How to Clean Parquet Floors

    Parquet floors are high-maintenance so you need to learn how to clean and protect them from damage. Tips to Cleaning and Maintaining Parquet Floors

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