• Half-Timbered Houses in Freudenberg

    The most exciting trips you can imagine are time travel. And while science fiction only dreams to invent a clock that would go back, some travelers already know how to go to the real Middle Ages. It’s enough to visit the German city of Freudenberg See the amazing Medieval architecture

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  • Classical Mansion with Modern Extension

    There is a typical English house with three bedrooms in the English city of Winchester, Hampshire. The house needed major repair. And its owners asked the architects from AR Design Studio to remodel their home. See the renovated house

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  • House with Rotating Rooms

    There is a unique house Sharifi-Ha in Tehran, designed by Nextoffice. The house changes its configuration with just the push of a button, creating a cooler and shade shelter in summer, and increasing the amount of sunlight in winter. See how it works

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  • Roll House in South Korea

    A married couple, who work as teachers in the South Korean city of Miryang, appealed to the Moon Hoon architectural agency with an ordinary request at first glance. The couple asked the architects to build a house for their small family.  See the unique house in South Korea

  • Biomorphic House in Germany

    The hill on which the house stands, has almost the most beautiful view in Germany: a river valley, the medieval town of Marbach am Neckar with the fortification and the Town Hall. See the luxurous villa without right angles

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  • Social Architectural Projects

    The concept of “social architecture” is not only a public architectural projects within the general urban development plan. Today around the world there is the growing popularity of so-called projects for people, ie socially useful projects in various fields See three examples from architecture

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  • House without Supports in Los Angeles

    House of Peter and Shannon Lori is a rarity. It is located in the town of Encino to the North of Los Angeles. It was built in 1972 by Donald Park for the owner of casinos and nightclubs, Joby Lewis. The house is quite extraordinary See the house without supports

  • Two Buildings Inspired by Lotus

    An ancient monk described lotus as a plant with a light and clean spirit, which is not subject to any dirt or mud. The flower has long been considered sacred in the East. See two amazing lotus shaped buildings

  • “Smart” Legged Micro House

    A team of Dutch designers came up with a modular mobile Tjep micro house Isolée, which is a secluded haven for outdoor recreation, a hut on four legs without foundation with minimal impact on its environment.  See the unique house project

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  • 5 Unusual Micro Houses

    It is easy to build a luxury house on a flat and huge area. But to fit a comfortable and beautiful house in a tiny urban built-up environment and make its interior spectacular and functional is a really interesting challenge for an architect. See 5 extremely tiny houses

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  • New Building for Yacht Club de Monaco

    While Zaha Hadid develops projects of yachts and art boats of the future, sir Norman Foster built a “ship-house” for these futuristic ships in the present. The multifunctional complex for the most powerful yacht club in Europe See the building, which looks like a ship

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  • Colored Villa in Shelter Island

    A giddy house with colored aluminum walls appeared on Long Island thanks to three serious men. See the mansion inspired by great architects

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  • House Rotating Around Its Axis

    A house looking like a spaceship is built in the suburbs of Lyon (France), which is continuously rotating to follow the sun. We must say that, despite the unusual image of the house, it is not so unique in its kind. See the uniqe design of the house

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  • Office Between Trees in Shanghai

    We talked about the architectural masterpieces that blend effortlessly into nature. Today we want to talk about another successful project. This is a project of Chinese architects. See the business center with trees

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  • 2 Stunning Houses in Natural Landscape

    Talented architects create their masterpieces, skillfully using the resources available to them. Zealous designers and developers try to minimize the costs of building houses, using the most of what is given by nature See two houses hidden in nature

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  • Economy Class Cottage of Sea Containers

    And again, we want to revisit the idea of marine steel containers for building houses. This time let’s talk about the economy class cottage – a dwelling for single pensioners – Old Lady House See the stunning house made of sea containers

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  • Monumental Sculpture with Secret from British Sculptor

    A well-known British sculptor Antony Gormley introduced this year his new major creation – the sculpture Room. The sculpture looks unusual from the outside, but all the fun is hidden inside. Learn more about the architectural sculpture

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  • Office Made of Containers in Tokyo

    This house is assembled of overage of shipping containers, located in the old center of the Torigoe village, Ishikawa District, Tokyo. This area is full of small factories producing leather products and paper products.  See the stylish office built of old containers

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  • Quiet Treehouse for Orphanage

    No wonder that in the context of social unrest, observed in different countries, many people want to move to permanent residence in a remote forest. Fortunately, many of them are those who are going to minimize the harm caused by their stay in nature. See an amazing eco-friendly tree-house

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