• Play of Light and Shadows

    Many designers are very actively using the play of light and shadows to create the most interesting and unexpected visual effects. This is what will be discussed in this article. Meet lamps capable of creating intricate patterns and pictures in your house See lamps, which create incredible shades

  • How to Make Designer Rug

    Unusual, designer and simply beautiful rug is always a conspicuous element of the interior, which can decorate a room and make it look more cozy. If you can not afford unique designer rugs, then maybe it’s time to show imagination Learn more about 7 types of handmade rugs

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  • “Layered” Furniture Collection

    While studying at the Design Academy in Eindhoven, Dirk Vander Coy made up his own 3D-printer, an industrial robot, which recycles plastic according to drawings and prints furniture and home furnishings. See creative furniture and home accesories by Dirk Vander Coy

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  • Philips DesignLine TV Received Gold Award

    Philips DesignLine is recognized as one of the top 50 winners of iF Product Design Award. Introducing a single panel of glass, Philips DesignLine goes beyond standard design of TVs.  See unconventional Philips TV design

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  • Creative and Funny Wall Hooks

    If you like creative items in the interior of your apartment, you will definitely notice the funny collection of wall hooks called Thelermont Hupton. Two British designers David Hupton and Yve Thelermont came up with these wonderful little things See funny and attractive hooks

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  • Italian Art-Lamps

    Italian designer Maurizio Lamponi Leopardi creates amazing light fixtures. They are so original and unusual that at first you cannot even believe that you see table lamps. They look like planes, steering wheels of the motorcycle, etc. Maurizio’s fantasies have no limits. See unusual art-lamps made by Italian designer

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    • Kardashian Black and White Kettle
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  • 12 Jewelry Storage Ideas

    Today, designers offer a lot of decent options for storing jewelry. We have chosen jewelry storage accessories, which can be purchased in various online stores. See charming vintage jewerly storage accesories

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  • Retro Phones in Modern Interiors

    In our age of new technologies more and more people experience cravings for retro things, which allow us to see the beauty in details, feel the charm of the old, evaluate the full significance of individuality, which lived for ages. See how to make a charming interior design using a retro phone

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  • Ideas for Office Equipment Wires

    Have you ever been in a situation when you looked for the power cord to recharge your iPad, book reader, phone or laptop in a hurry before leaving the house? See which accessories you can use for wires

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  • Bed Linens in Tie-Dye style

    Tie-dye method mistakenly referred to America 60s, but in fact, the history of the art of tie-dyeing begins in the VI century on the banks of India, Japan and Africa. Gradually, bright and simple tie-dye patterns became popular and fashionable worldwide. See how to paint bed linens in tie-dye technique

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  • Compact Star-Shaped Dryer

    Even a dryer for washed clothes can be an interesting design object. Furniture designer Aaron Dunkerton has designed a nice and compact clothes dryer that will suit small apartments. See Aaron Dunkerton’s star-shaped dryer

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  • Melting Lamps from Cappellini

    Young designer from Sweden Johan Lindstén has presented his fixtures called Meltdown Lamps at the Cappellini Milan showroom. See beautiful lamps with environmental implication

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  • Decorating Twists: Clock in Interior

    In the digital age clock lost its significance as the main tool for keeping track of time. However, clock continues to attract attention of designers who value not only functional element of clocks, but mostly their decorative qualities. See how to use clocks in interior design

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  • Unique Zippo Gasolier Gas Lamp

    Everything appears once for the first time: asphalt pavement roads, fast cars, electricity. Not long ago, people roasted themselves at the fireplace and lit their homes using gas lamps. See unique Zippo Gasolier gas lamp, a symbiosis of the past and the present

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  • Japanese Panels: Minimalism and Versatility

    Today Japanese panels are very popular worldwide. They are very beautiful, their colors are so varied that they can suit any interior, transforming it, creating a unique image of the room and a custom, oriental flavor. See how to use Japanese curtains

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  • Curtains Glowing at Night

    Modern designers increasingly use the magical power of light in interior design. They illuminate objects; create glowing wallpaper; emphasize the beauty of decorative elements, using lighting. See incredible glowing curtains from modern designers

  • Three Main Trends in Lighting Design

    Light is an equal participant in any interior composition. It can not only highlight certain design solutions, but also set the desired mood in any room of your home.  See the main trends in lighting design for home interior

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  • 7 Useful Designs for Household Items

    In pursuit of innovations and creativity designers often sacrifice usefulness and practicality of the inventive household items and other devices. See creative and functional designs of household items

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  • Beaded Masterpieces

    Beadwork is an art. Each new work in this technique is unique because it is almost impossible to repeat it. It is a result of a combination of inspiration, painstaking labor, skill, and taste. See 5 designers who create gorgeous beadworks

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