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Unusual Architecture: House Hafner

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House Hafner designed by Hornung and Jacobi Architecture has an unusual architecture. The house is shaped in an inverted ‘C’. The modern building features glazed facade that opens to the woods that provid the house with privacy. One part of the house is perched on a hill while the other part provides the road access and a natural car garage.

House Hafner Architecture

Unusual Architecture: House Hafner

At the grass-covered hill there is a wooden plank terrace that allows the outdoor sitting space. Differet-sized planks are laid close to the house to provide easy access and the uneven shape gives it a more organic effect.

The House Hafner also features square windows and a skylight to allow natural light and surrounding views in. The living and dining are facing the glazed wall that opens to the green lawns.

Unusual Architecture: House Hafner

The house is connected by the hallway that also features the continuing glass wall. The entry is provided via the staircase that is echoed outside. The outdoor stairs lead from the hill part downward to the ground level that features a green vertical garden wall to complement the grass-covered site.

The interior design of House Hafner is minimalist modern with clean lines and contemporary furniture. The glass wall features a light and airy curtain to increase privacy for any area. The decorations are minimal so the house looks very open, light and airy.

The house is cleverly divided into a public and private parts. The elevated one with the glazed wall and terrace is open to the views while the other part features only windows that allow light in but keeps the private areas closed and secure.

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