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Treehouse by Baumraum For Sappi

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Treehouse designed by Baumraum is a structure built in a forest for the paper manufacturer Sappi. Built around the trees this cabin is meant for session breakouts, business meetings, presentations and research about sustainability. The cabine consist of a kitchen, lounge, and restroom.

Treehouse by Baumraum For Sappi

Standing on high steel legs the Treehouse is elevated above the ground and is accessed through a staircase which leads to a first climate controlled area with the kitchen and then to the terrace with cushioned seats.

The Treehouse is made of oxidized zinc which makes its rounded frame and finished with spruce board that frames the windows and entrances. The stairway is also finished with wooden plank flooring.

The interior is finished with natural wood and white ceiling and walls which are decorated with tree branch shadows that make for a great natural-like atmosphere.

Treehouse by Baumraum

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