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Transparent Panels In Flooring

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Lately we’ve been seeing many interiors featuring glass floor panels, remember Beckwith Architects’ pool house or Optical Glass House? In the first one the transparent floor shows off the wine cellar while in the second the inner garden can be seen from the ground floor entry thanks to a sizable transparent floor panel. These make not only for interesting floor design but also help connect spaces.

Transparent Floors: Yay or Nay?

Transparent Panels In Flooring

Transparent Floors

Transparent floors also make for a more airy and open look in the house. They allow the light to travel from room to a room which makes for a generally lighter atmosphere. Glass staircases also make for an interesting look in the house.

Also transparent floors are great for displaying a certain architectural or decor element in the rest of the house or at least one other room. For instance, as in Beckwith Architects’ pool house the transparent flooring shows off the impressive structured acrylic LED-lit wine cellar.

The transparent panels in floors can make a great accent in the room. Lit with LED light or made of colored glass or plastic the panel can accentuate a certain area in the room or visually separate one area from another.

Transparent Panels In Flooring

The transparent floor panels are often seen in various resorts where they show the water under the structure but they are also used in a residential architecture as well even if the owners want a splash of color in the flooring or a contrst between materials.

Transparent floors are made with different special reinforced glass or plastic materials that makes for safe use. There are many uses of such materials as you can built them into the existing floors or create staircase or a bridge out of them.

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