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Tornado-Proof House Design Concept

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Tornados and other natural disasters are the main concern for people who live in the areas where these occur often so a 10 Design studio created a concept of a tornado-proof abode that burries itself underground during tornado. Powered by hydraulic levers the house can move up and down to secure itself and its residents from the natural disaster.

Tornado-Proof House Designs & Concepts

This innovative technology would allow not only keep the house safe from damage but also keep it safe from wind and water thanks to a water tight seal. The futuristic design looks like a capsule on one leg which collapses to hide the house below the ground.

But while this design concept is in a prototype phase to make your house more tornado-proof make sure to build it with a reinforced concrete roof, strong internal support system, and thick walls, experts advice. If you already have a home that isn’t really tornado-resistant you can create a safe room within it.

Tornado-Proof House by 10 Design

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