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Space Dividing Tricks: Indoor Glass Walls

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Thanks to its transparence qualities glass is a great material for making interior space dividers in small homes. A room divided by clear glass walls doesn’t feel boxy and confined while still can feel private and secured. Think about modern offices where space is divided by glass walls which can be covered with shutters or curtains.

Space Dividing Tricks: Indoor Glass Walls

The glass walls are great for dividing areas like kitchen or bathroom from living and dining spaces without creating walls that will visually reduce the living area. Thus glass dividers are both functional and aesthetically pleasing leaving the divided space open and airy.

Thick special glass works great as walls in other various premises including public spaces. In a house it can be a way to ensure that an open layout space will remain visually open and the feeling of spaciousness won’t be replaced with dark boxy rooms.

When the glass room requires some privacy it can be veiled with curtains, shutters or other window treatments. The glass is also often used in exterior walls to increase the amount of light and visually enhance the space in the room.

Glass Walls In Interior Design

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