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Pavilions In Architecture

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Pavilions are the structures that complete the main structure and add more space to it or are free-standing buildings for various purposes. Pavilions are light structures that can be of different shapes and styles so when constructing one choose the style that will suit the main structure.

Pavilions In Architecture

Pavilions In Architecture


A pavilion or a gazebo can be built to create sheltered space to enjoy the views of site or the surroundings. A winter gazebo can be glazed and enclosed while the summer gazebo can be an open canopy-like structure.

Pool Pavilion

A pool pavilion is a great addition to the house especially if the sight is big and the swimming pool is located far from the house. The pavilion can house a shower, lounge area or a small bar and kitchen.

Garden Pavilion

A pavilion in the garden can make for a great room for receiving guests or enjoying the garden from an enclosed space safe from cold weathers. Also a great way to create a guest house or bedroom.

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