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Old Defense Tower Converted Into Residence

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We love different building coversions. They are inspiring and interesting in terms of various design solutions. This old defense tower in England dates back to 1808 and was recently converted into a private residence. Registered as a monument the Martello Tower was remained almost untouched from the exterior.

Old Defense Tower Converted Into Residence

On the inside the building was enhanced and redesigned to house residents but it still features old finishes and materials like exposed brick. It seems like the interior was left partially untouched to preserve more of the historic building.

The roof was enhanced a bit in accordance with the original shape and features several round skylights that provide the space under the roof with natural light. The space between two roofs functions as a roofed glazed terrace for residents to gather for meals and enjoying the surrounding natural views.

This terrace includes a kitchen finished with tile and brick and stone countertops with a round kitchen island and a dining area. The entrance indoors features a spiral staircase and there’s also a glazed entrance to the original roof.

Remeber the Martello Towers made into hotels from our 10 Unique Hotels Around The World post?

Martello Defense Tower Conversion

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