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Bunkie – Prefabricated Garden Guest House

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Designed in a collaboration between 608 Design and BLDG Workshop Bunkie is a prefabricated guest house that can be assembled in your garden. Prefabricated structures are very popular for thier reduced impact on the environment, low cost and mobility. There are many ways of utilizing the small prefabricated constructions and one of them is creating a living space.

Bunkie Guest House

Bunkie - Prefabricated Garden Guest House

The prefab unit can make for a budget-friendly or more sustainable home or a garden office pod. Bunkie is an amazing prefab unit that allows resting and recieving guests but can also be used for other purposes. The prototype sees the structure shaped as a traditional home with a triangular roof and a chimney top, though the two parallel walls are glazed to allow the light and views in. Bunkie is also made of reduced impact materials and using CNC detailing from furniture manufacturing.

The chimney top is not for show as the Bunkie features a wood fireplace and some space for a dining table, desk, or bed. The sheer walls provide the structure with plenty of natural light. They also allow to enjoy the surrounding views during day and night time while safely housed in a heated mini house.

Bunkie has everything ready for eating and sleeping. The structure’s wood frame hides two queen size murphy beds connected with a ladder, one at the floor level and the other one under the ceiling which are folding into the frame when not in use.

The Bunkie also features shelves which makes it an ultimate reading nook. The Bunkie has three modes – Open, Play and Sleep. The area of the cabin is under 100 square feet so it can simply be shipped to and assembled on site.

The Bunkie is still a prototype as the designers are looking for investment and a manufacturer.

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