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Architecture: Preserving Trees On Construction Site

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Preserving trees on the construction site can do wonders not only to nature but also the house design. Instead of clearing the site some owners and architects are trying to solve the tree preservation as another desigh problem. A while ago we covered the Bern Heim Beuk house by Architecten De Vylder Vinck which was built around the tree that was on site.

Architecture: Preserving Trees On Construction Site

The tree was incorporated into the roof of the house which allowed the architects to preserve it and make it a part of the house. As a result the house is built and the tree is safe. Of course, if it’s not possible to build around the tree, it can be incorporated into the shed or another premise of the house. Like it was done in Bern Heim Beuk house.

Architecture: Preserving Trees On Construction Site

Building around trees can also be useful in other areas. In the garden a terrace built around tree trunks will get a natural sun awning. There are many different other ways to preserve the trees one the contruction site. Creative approach and professionals can make for great sustainable design.

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