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Antique Swiss Chalet Renovation

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An amazing antique Swiss Chalet is experiencing rebirth in a whole new style. Located in Swiss Alps, this amazing chalet has transformed into creative renovation recently. Read all you need to know about the amazing rebirth by Lacroix Chessex.

Swiss Chalet Renovation

Swiss Alp Dream house

The elegant chalet Noisette in Gryon, Swiss Alps before its renovation has been an antique century old small cabin. The renovation occured timely, because the cabin condition was worsening, it was practically falling apart. The architectural studio Lacroix Chessex has saved the antique building, adding new perspectives and modern appliances, that are characteristics of life in XXI.

The chalet looks very traditional and comfortable, yet inside it has the very modern interior design. It is minimalistic and very comfortable, complementing the traditional wooden design. The whole interior looks very calming and natural. The bright spot of red coridor only adds a modern twist into interior. Due to the small size of the house, having only necessary appliances and modern facilities.

The renovation of the century old chalet by architectural studio Lacroix Chessex is performed in all natural and ecological style. The outer wood was artificially made to look older, so it can blend in with the rest of the outlook. The cabin, as we mentioned earlier, was also extended to be suitable for big family gatherings. Now it features five bedrooms and two bathrooms, and much more elaborate yet natural and simple design solutions.

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