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Another Water Tower Converted Into London Residence

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Building conversions, love them. This 99 feet tall water tower has beautiful architecture featuring stone and arched windows enhanced with modern extensions of a contemporary residence. The tower features a two level extension with the living and adjoining kitchen and a dining room and a roof sitting area. The dark cube structure has a glass wall that opens the living space to the outdoors.

Another Water Tower Converted Into London Residence

The top also features a dark extension with the windows providing an amazing view of London. The residence includes bedrooms, bathrooms, more sitting areas and also a gym. The interior is designed in playful stripes and zigzags.

Most of the interior is painted white but some walls are left showing an exposed stone. The floors are finished with wood in most rooms and tiles in the kitchen and dining. They are enhanced by playful area rugs.

It’s another great example of an old non-residential building coversion. There is plenty of room in the tower for multiple bedrooms and a personal gym. The extension provides a great outfoor recreational space.

Water Tower Converted Into Modern Residence

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