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Amazing Italian Stone House

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The houses can be not only just built, but rebuild from the ancient structures, as is this amazing stone house in Italy. It is stone structure remade into modern living space.

Italian Stone House

Stone modern country house

Located in Morciano di Leuca Apulia, in Italy, this amazing construction draws attention by it’s massive bolder exterior. It is a country house, which cannot be named little and cozy. It’s big, minimalistic and neoteri,c made entirely from stone.

This amazing country house was created by Luca Zanaroli, an architect from Bologna. He used a pre-existed stone remains to make this new awesome house. It is made entirely from big rocks, and thus looks like pre-historical cave.

The ruins are of two ancient farm structures, and despite their amazing exterior, they were transformed to accustom the new home. Zanaroli did his best in preserving the historical atmosphere of the place. He used mostly white interior, decorating it at times with bold contemporary furniture, which surprisingly fits the house. At times, it almost looks like shrine, with its low white stone ceilings and monastery-like seclusion.

The house itself is very inspiring, as it creates a very Mediterranean mood, and allows to enjoy natural resources and contemporary facilities. The house is a perfect blend between the now and then, making a historical conversation in stone language.

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