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5 Floating House Designs

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A floating house is both dreamy and exciting. The idea of a house standing on the flowing water instead of a solid concrete is quite exciting and yet pieceful and calming. Here are the five houses built on water.

Floating Houses

Lake Union Float Home

5 Floating House Designs

Lake Union Float Home was designed by Designs Northwest Architects and built right on the lake with a small bridge connecting the house with the land. The house has an accessible roof and round ship-like windows with views of the city.

AR-CHE Aqua Floathome

5 Floating House Designs

Designed by Steeltec37 AR-CHE Aqua Floathome is a sail-like house in Germany that floats on the water and accessed through the lit bridge. The glass wall house is covered with shutter panels for increased privacy and sun protection.

Floating House

5 Floating House Designs

This Floating House by MOS Architects on Lake Huron stands between two shores connected to both with small bridges.

Floating Home

5 Floating House Designs

A Florating Home by Vandeventer + Carlander Architects stands on Lake Union that opens up towards the lake with a corner balcony and a glass door from the bedroom on the first level.

The SchwimmHausBoot

5 Floating House Designs

The SchwimmHausBoot is a cool modern house in Germany designed by Flo Florian and Sascha Akkermann. The house stand on a platform floating on the water. It has a roof lawn with a seating area with an access from the house and a glazed facade. See more of The SchwimmHausBoot in the gallery below.

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