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5 Delightful Houseboats

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Inhabitants of megacities often experience an overwhelming desire to be closer to nature. But they do not have such possibility in their everyday life. So it resulted in the emergence of worldwide houseboats – a sort of island life on the edge of the bustling city and wildlife.

Five Delightful Houseboats in Different Countries

Houseboat on Eilbek canal in Hamburg, Germany

Houseboat on Eilbek canal in Hamburg, Germany

Houseboat in Hamburg

Hamburg architectural design studio Rost Niderehe Architects has designed a wonderful houseboat on Eilbek canal in Hamburg (Germany). The house occupies an area of ​​1184 square feet. The design was made so that a visitor while entering could see it as a very normal house and did not feel that he was on the water.

Houseboat in the wagon train “Train Wreck”

Location of the house is the South Forty Dock in Sausalito, California. Earlier it was a 50-foot railroad sleeping car of first class. Passenger compartment was turned into the dining room, luggage compartment became the lobby, and the lower platform, located below the water level became the bedroom.

Houseboat in Dubai by X-Architects

Designer Lina Vandaele and X-Architects company have created a houseboat, which is located at the Dubai Marina. Modern and stylish house is built of a stainless steel and glass, and is held by two balancers that were part of the catamaran. The upper deck features a kitchen, living room and dining room. There a bedroom, bathroom and the wheelhouse at the bottom.

Floating House from H2ORIZON

The floating house was designed by an architect Myitr Malcew from Singapore for H2ORIZON, a French developing company, which specializes in floating structures.

The house is built on top of a buoyant platform. It contains two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room and a kitchen with bar. All the rooms are encircled by large terraces.

Modern Houseboat in Amsterdam

A modern houseboat built on Amstel river in Amsterdam is called Watervilla De Omval. The boat has an open floor plan, where everyone can enjoy views of the water. White walls and ceiling plaster create a seamless transition from exterior to interior.

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