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14th Century Domus Civita Remodeled by Studio F

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Domus Civita is an incredible 14th century structure renovated by an architect Patrizio Fradiani. It was purchased in 2011 by an architect and was turned into a contemporary home with the ancient elements preserved in both exterior and interior. The structure is expansive and consists of a number of structures surrounded and percjed on a cliff.

14th Century Domus Civita Remodeled by Studio F

Enhanced with an Italian garden and featuring amazing underground caves equipped with the hot tub and swimming pool during the renovation Domus Civita is now habitable and receives guests in its three suites with private baths, outdoor kitchen with the BBQ, gazebo, private wine cellar, and of course, the modern amenities like WiFi internet and phone, mp3, TV & DVD player, and washer dryer and dishwasher.

The services also include a personal chef, cooking classes, tours to attractions, and, of course, wine and cheese tastings. The week rest in this luxury estate ranges from $2,950 to $4,950 per week depending on the time of the season.

14th Century Domus Civita Remodeled by Studio F

The remodeling of Domus Civita was made to preserve the old elements like arches and wooden ceiling beams. The modern style doesn’t take away from the historic building but rather adds livability to it. For example, the caves and grottos were turned into art galleries, a wine cellar, and a meditation room.

At the same time Domus Civita wasn’t completely turned into a hotel. The atmosphere in the rooms is quite lived-in and inviting mostly thanks to the natural original materials like wood and stone.

The al-fresco living and dining as well as the open cave kitchen make for a beautiful experience since the location provides for amazing views from a cliff enhanced by the beautiful formal garden and comfortable sitting areas like outdoor living and a gazebo.

The remodeling of a historic building is always a challenge but using preservation approach the architects didn’t alter the space entirely. What do you think about Domus Civita?

14th Century Domus Civita Remodeling

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