2013 February

  • 10 Amazing Penthouses Around The World

    Penthouse is often associated with luxury. It’s no wonder since penthouses are usually luxurious and grand in their architecture and design. Amazing Penthouse Interior Designs

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  • Working Space: 10 Incredible Google Offices

    Working space is where we spend most of our day. The home or work office can be a inspiring or on the contrary, quite dull which is setting the mood for the whole working process. Incredible Google Offices

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  • Vacation Home Design: 10 Amazing Chalets

    Traditional chalets are made of wood with a sloping rood found in Alpine region have evolved to become great modern vacation homes and hotels. Amazing Chalet Designs

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  • Updating Kitchen With Free-Standing Unit

    Updating Kitchen With Free-Standing Unit

    Remodeling Kitchen With A Free-Standing Kitchen Unit>>>

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  • Lights In Decor

    Lights In Decor

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  • Unexpected Architectural Detail In Keyhole House

    Architectural details can make for a very interesting look even in simplest of structures. Keyhole House designed by EASTERN Design Office is a small minimalist building standing on an area of 103.47 square meters. Keyhole House Architectural Detail

  • 25 Stylish Storage Solutions

    Storage takes a good part of living space so it better be stylish and eye-pleasing. Stylish Storage Solutions

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  • Zigzag Print In Interior Design

    Zigzag print is a great print to jazz up your decor with. It can be eye-catchy and colorful and may certainly make a statement in the room. Zigzag Print in Home Decor

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  • 5 Incredible Mirror Designs

    Mirror is not only a visual space-enhancer but also an accessory that add a lot of flair and style to the decor. Incredible Mirrors

  • 5 Folding And Flexible Lamp Designs

    Lamps are great home accessories. But sometimes the novelty of even small details can give the decor a slightly different twist. Interesting Lamp Designs

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  • Houndstooth Print In Interior Design

    Houndstooth print is a classic print in fashion. But it can also be used in interior design with success. Houndstooth Pattern in In Interior Design

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  • 1814 House Renovation by Savioz Fabrizzi Architectes

    Built in 1814 this house in Switzerland has undergone a modern renovation by Savioz Fabrizzi Architectes who tried to preserve the historic building’s original look. 1814 House Renovation

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  • Colorful Chevron House by Andy Martin Associates

    Chevron house reminded us of GMG House by Pedro Gadanho because of its bold colors that are use throughout the house. Colorful Chevron House

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  • Rieteiland House Made Of Glass

    The houses made of glass are a modern trend and Rieteiland House by Hans van Heeswijk Architects is one of those impressive projects that boldly use glass extensively in the design. House Made Of Glass

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  • A Word About Free-Standing Kitchen Units

    Free-standing kitchen units are an amazing design solution for bigger homes, the unusual way to divide space in places like warehouses and lofts. About Free-Standing Kitchen Units

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  • Small Apartment Design by Suto Interior Architects

    This 430 square feet (40 square meter) apartement designed by Suto Interior Architects is the epitome of style. Small Modern Apartment Design

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  • Unusual Architecture: House Hafner

    House Hafner designed by Hornung and Jacobi Architecture has an unusual architecture. Modern Architecture In House Hafner

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  • Schproket Lighting Series by Christopher Moulder

    Schproket Lighting System is an amazing new design from Christopher Moulder who used low voltage bulbs to create beautiful unusual lighting fixtures. Schproket Lighting System

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  • LED Lights In Decorating

    LED lights are great for decorating. Either used in interior design or products LED lights can enhance the decor bringing new colors to it. LED Mushroom Lights

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