2012 December

  • Decor Ideas From IKEA’s 2013 Catalogue

    IKEA’s 2013 catalog is full of interesting design solutions as usual. Let’s take a look at the photos from the catalog to see what the decor brand has in for the new year for us. IKEA’s 2013 Catalogue

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  • More Design Ideas For Breakfast Area

    Breakfast area is a great family gathering spot or an intimate space for the morning rituals. Breakfast Area Design Ideas

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  • 5 Great Warehouse Conversions

    Warehouse conversions just might be as popular as the church ones. Thanks to spacious industrial buildings the converted homes allow open airy layouts. Stylish Warehouse Conversions

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  • Compact House Made Of Shipping Containers

    This shipping container home in Majorca, Spain was designed by Espai Fly. This is a small mobile construction made of three container modules prefabricated and brought on site for assembling. (more…)

  • Swarovski Elements Wallpaper Collection

    Swarovski is known for its crystals and jewelry lines. But the brand ventures into various other fields and this time it has nothing to do with the crystals…well, at least not entirely. (more…)

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  • Top 5 Home Fitness Equipment Desings & Concepts

    Gym equipment can be difficult to fit into a stylish decor. The only solution is to hide all the machinery, it seems. Stylish Fitness Equipment Desings & Concepts

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  • Recline Personal For Stylish Home Workout

    Recline Personal is a recumbent bike from Technogym designed by Antonio Citterio and Vitra for a stylish and quality home cardio workout. Recline Personal Bike

  • Modern Extension Of 19th Century London House

    Lens House is a modern extension of a London house from the 19th century. Created by Alison Brooks Architects the extension includes a home office and enhances the house’s living room. Lens House Extension

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  • Stable Converted Into Home

    There are different home designs and home design solutions. The repurposing of the buildings is one of the ways of acquiring a home. Stable Converted Into Home

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  • 100 Year-Old Macalister Mansion Turned Into Hotel

    Macalister Mansion is a luxury estate located in Penang, Malaysia. The 100 year-old estate was recently redesigned by the Ministry of Design into a luxurious hotel. Mansion Turned Into Hotel

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  • Water Cleaning Station Conversion

    We continue sharing stories about the building conversions. This conversion is quite different from the others. It’s not a church or a tower. We’ve seen a few of those lately. But it’s a water cleaning station on French Riviera. Water Cleaning Station Turned Into Home

  • Last-Minute Holiday Home Decor Gift Ideas

    Want to give a home decor enthusiast a holiday gift? There are many ways to do that even if you don’t have enough time to shop for items. Holiday Home Gift Ideas

  • Walk-In Closet For Small-Spaced Homes

    The problem of small-spaced homes is well, in lack of space. There are so many things that should be fit into a tiny urban apartment that a major part of them don’t leave any spare room in the living space. (more…)

  • Church Conversion by Multiplicity

    Another church conversion that we spotted on the web was completed back in 2004 by the architecture and design studio Multiplicity. Church Conversion

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  • 5 Cheese Accessories

    Cheese is a great appetizer. With the holidays fast approaching we are here to present the five great cheese tools and accessories to help you make cheese appetizers for your wine or dinner. Cheese Tools & Accessories

  • Gérard Depardieu Puts Parisian Mansion For Sale

    Actor Gérard Depardieu put his Parisian mansion on the market for 50 million Euros. A beautiful private estate boasts 1800 m² – 19 370 sq. ft., with 10 bedrooms, a swimming-pool, a terrace, a balcony, and an elevator. Gérard Depardieu’s Parisian Mansion

  • 5 Cool Wine Accessories

    The holidays are just around the corner so we selected a few very cool wine accessories. They can be a great addition on a dinner table or make for a perfect holiday gift to a wine lover. Wine Accessories

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  • Pantone Christmas Baubles

    Speaking of Pantone, the design studio Badini Createam created a range of Christmas baubles in ten main Pantone hues for Seletti. Pantone Christmas Baubles

  • Color of 2013: How To Incorporate Emerald Green Into Decor

    Pantone Inc., the color Matching system chose an emerald green as the color of 2013. Emerald Green In Decor

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