2012 October

  • Color Scheme: Gray Pink Interior Design Ideas

    Gray and pink are the two colors that go well together. The neutral gray makes for an elegant understated background for various pinks shades from loud candy pink to muted grayish pinks. Gray Pink Interior Designs

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  • Creating Focal Point In Dining Room

    Every room needs a focal point. In dining room there are plenty of ways to create a focal point. Focal Point In Dining Room

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  • Last Minute Halloween Decorations

    Last Minute Halloween Decorations

    Last Minute Paper Decorations for Halloween>>>

  • Creating Stylish Outdoor Decor

    Look for ways to make your outdoors look stylish? It might take some effort and investment but it’s a great way of creating a personal retreat just outside your home. Stylish Outdoor Decor

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  • 5 Beautiful Seasonal Retreats

    Modern holiday or seasonal retreats have everything and then some for the full-time living and they look amazing. Beautiful Holiday/Seasonal Retreats

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  • Top 5 Haunted Houses On TV

    The haunted house theme has been around for decades so now at the we look at some haunted houses from the movies like The Shining and Beetlejuice. Haunted Houses On TV

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  • Halloween Paper Decoration Ideas

    Halloween is in two days so if you need some last-minute decorations for home you’ll just need some black and orange paper, pencil, scissors, and glue. Halloween Paper Decorations

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  • ‘Under the Moonlight’ House by Giovanni D’Ambrosio

    ‘Under the Moonlight’ house by Giovanni D’Ambrosio is an amazing abode made of wood, stone, and glass and incorporated into the natural environment it’s located at. ‘Under the Moonlight’ House

  • ALTS Design Office Designs Small Omihachiman House

    ALTS Design Office designed a small Omihachiman House dividing it into multiple small rooms. Small Omihachiman House

  • Nevis Pavilion by Robert M. Gurney

    Nevis garden pavilion designed by Robert M. Gurney is a beautiful small retreat created for an existing house neighboring with the woods. Pavilion In The Woods

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  • Create Indoor/Outdoor Feel With Glass Walls

    Glass walls are very popular in modern architecture as they help create indoor/outdoor feel at home. Create Indoor/Outdoor Feel With Glass Walls

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  • Pop Art In Living Room

    Decorating living with pop art is quite easy. It’s also a great way to spruce up neutral or dull decor. Pop Art In Living Room Decor

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  • 25 Dream Kitchen Designs

    A dream kitchen. What’s it like? For everyone it’s different but some of these features can surely add to any kitchen design. Get Inspired With These Dream Kitchen Designs

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  • 10 Spooky Halloween Wreaths

    Want to enhance your home for Halloween with some spooky wreaths? Here are the ten inspiring creations we found on the web. Spooky Halloween Wreaths

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  • Transform Your Walls With Patterned Paint Rollers

    Patterned paint rollers are the double rollers that help create a pattern on a painted wall. One of the rollers is patterned while the other one brings paint to the stencil. Patterned Paint Rollers For Bringing Patterns To Walls

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  • Halloween Decor

    Halloween Decor

  • Pop Art Style In Interior Design

    Pop art style makes for an unusual and colorful interior design. Decorating With Pop Art

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  • 25 Dream Dining Room Designs

    To create a dream dining room create a floor plan and choose the color scheme for walls, ceiling, and furniture. Creating A Dream Dining Room Design

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  • Using Buckets As Sinks

    Bucket sinks are an interesting addition to a vintage bathroom design. Using Buckets As Sinks

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