2012 September

  • Home Theater Seat Design Ideas

    Home theater is a great place for family entertainment. To make it more inviting and cozy seat design should be both comfy and aesthetically pleasing. Home Theater Seats

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  • Tornado-Proof House Design Concept

    Tornados and other natural disasters are the main concern for people who live in the areas where these occur often so a 10 Design studio created a concept of a tornado-proof abode that burries itself underground during tornado. Tornado-Proof House by 10 Design

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  • ‘Entourage’ TV Show Set Designs

    TV show Entourage though, completed had very stylish interiors so we’ll take a look at them for some inspiration. ‘Entourage’ Set Designs

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  • Extreme Environment Architecture

    Extreme environment architectural structures is the recent trend in architecture. Prefab Extreme Environment Architecture

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  • Creative Rooms At Hotel Fox, Copenhagen

    Hotel Fox located in Copenhagen, Denmark. This small outstanding hotel has sixty one rooms each of which is decorated in most artistic ways. Creative Hotel Rooms

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  • 35 Dream Bathroom Designs

    There are many ways of creating a bathroom design of your dreams starting with expensive designer sanitaryware and faucets to wallpaper and statement accessories. Dream Bathroom Designs

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  • Interior Design Of Keeping Up With The Kardashians

    You may love it or hate it but the show Keeping Up With The Kardashians is set in some very luxurious setting. Designer Jeff Andrews who designed for Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian has also redecorated Kris Jenner’s 6,000-square-foot Calabasas house seen on the show. (more…)

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  • TV Show Interiors: Castle

    TV show ‘Castle’ has some great interiors. The main character Richard Castle’s New York apartment is a modern spacious loft with stylish but cozy design. ‘Castle’ TV Show Set Designs

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  • Craft Room Design Ideas

    Craft room can make for a great personal space for being creative as well as double as a home office. If you want to make the craft room look less cluttered and more inspirational here are some ideas to how to achieve it. Craft Room Designs

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  • Project Runway Judge Nina Garcia’s Manhattan Home

    Fashion director of Marie Claire and The Project Runway judge Nina Garcia has opened the doors of her Manhattan home to Architectural Digest and it from what we see it’s all about style. Nina Garcia’s Manhattan Home in Architectural Digest

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  • Top 5 Modern Garage Designs

    Garage is not the best-looking part of the house. The usually enclosed space makes for dark interior with no windows and hence natural light. Modern Garage Designs

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  • 25 Open Plan Kitchen Designs

    Looking for interesting ways of desiging your open plan kitchen? Here are some ideas on how to pull off the open kitchen look. Open Plan Kitchen Designs

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  • Creative Dressing Room Organizers

    Wardrobe is a challenging part of the house for many. It’s either too small or too bland. Creative Wardrobe Designs

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  • Outdoor Furniture For Swimming Pools

    Outdoor furniture has many shapes and comes in various designs. There are daybeds, furniture sets, and benches. But swimming pool furniture has its own specifics. Swimming Pool Furniture

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  • Open And Glazed Veranda Design Ideas

    Veranda is a great indoor/outdoor space that can make for a family gathering spot or a nice lounge area. Veranda Design Ideas

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  • How To Design Outdoor Hideout

    An outdoor hideout is a great personal retreat that is quite easily created. Whether you want a hideout for resting or reading an outdoor space surrounded with greenery is the best for it. Designing Outdoor Hideout

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  • Celebrities’ Dressing Room Designs

    When it comes to wardrobe celebrities put a lot into the design to house all the clothes and footwear in there. Celebrities’ Wardrobe Designs

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  • Decorating Home In Gossip Girl Style

    Gossip Girl is definitely about style. It’s obvious from the actor’s clothes but there are also interiors to look at. Gossip Girl Interior Designs

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  • Swimming Pool Design Idea: Mosaic

    Decorative swimming pool adds an atmosphere to the outdoor area. Depending on the design a swimming pool can make an outdoor area look like an exotic resort. Mosaic Swimming Pool Designs

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