2012 August

  • Stone Finishes In Bathroom Design

    Want to add a special touch to the bathroom design? Stone texture and form can add a lot to the bathroom design-wise. Bathrooms Decorated With Stone

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  • Glass Swimming Pool Design Ideas

    Glass swimming pool is a recent design trend that makes for an attractive and impressive outdoor decor. Glass Swimming Pools

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  • Outdoor/Indoor: Kitchens With Glass Walls

    If you want to make a kitchen more cozy and add special appeal to it glass wall can be a solution. Kitchens With Glass Walls

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  • Marble Bathroom Design Ideas

    Marble is a beautiful stone that’s often used in bathroom design. Marble Bathroom Designs

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  • House Extensions Made Of Glass

    House extension can be a great space saver. The dining area could be moved there while creating some free space within the house for something else. Glass House Extensions

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  • Under The Sky: 50 Bathrooms Featuring Skylights

    Bathrooms often lack natural light. Installing a skylight at the bathroom is a sure way to bring in some daylight into this cold room. Bathroom Designs Featuring Skylights

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  • Interesting Decor

    Interesting Decor

  • Modern Nursery Design Ideas

    Modern nurseries are stylish and refined thanks to clean lines and cool colors. At the same time they can be colorful and fun. Modern Nursery Designs

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  • Map Wallpaper In Interior Design

    Map wallpaper makes for an interesting interior. It can be bright and colorful and detailed serving as a beautiful decoration as well as a great conversation starter. Decorating With Map Wallpaper

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  • Diane Von Furstenberg’s Manhattan Penthouse

    Diane Von Furstenberg’s Manhattan penthouse is a luxurious personal getaway that includes the designer’s studio and a flagship store. Diane von Furstenberg Manhattan Penthouse

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  • Item Of The Week: Exposition Chair by Alphaville Design

    Exposition Chair from Alphaville Design is an item that can be seen in so many modern interiors it is impossible to ignore. Alphaville Exposition Chair

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  • Top 5 Hi Tech Workstation Designs & Concepts

    So we’ve talked about compact home offices and luxurious home offices today we’d like to share some hi tech workstations. Hi Tech Workstations

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  • TARDIS-Inspired Interior Decorations

    TARDIS, a space ship of a famously known Doctor of Doctor Who series on BBC is a great inspiration source for fans who are enhancing their home. TARDIS Inspired Designs

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  • Bohemian Living Room Design Ideas

    Want to create a relaxed but colorful and chic living room? Boho style can be just right for it. Bohemian Living Room Ideas

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  • Front Door Design Ideas

    A front door is an important element of exterior design. It is a focal point of the house and thus should be chosen with consideration. Front Door Designs

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  • Rustic Bathroom Design Ideas

    There is a certain allure about the rustic style that creates a special atmosphere. Rustic Bathroom Designs

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  • 25 Fabulous Shower Designs

    Shower can be a great personal retreat. In order to make it so, make sure to think through the design well. Fabulous Shower Design Ideas

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  • 50 Amazing Wine Storage Design Ideas

    There are many wine storage options from simple wine racks to wine cellars and wine bars. Amazing Wine Storage Ideas

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  • Columns In Interior Design

    Columns in the interior design look grand and attractive. They provide the interior with lines and shapes that make for stylish architectural detail. Interior Designs With Columns

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