2012 June

  • 10 Amazing Shipping Container Architectural Structures

    A shipping container has already become a potential housing element and a prefabricated house part. And not only for disaster relief but also as a budget house variant. Shipping Container Architecture

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  • Outdoor Bathroom Design Ideas

    An outdoor bathroom makes a luxurious spa-like room. To create such a bathroom an inner courtyard or special architecture is required. Outdoor Bathroom Ideas

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  • Shelter ByGG by Gabriela Gomes

    Shelter ByGG is a pod designed by Gabriela Gomes. The project concept was to bring the living space out to the public area. Sculpture Pod Design

  • Pros & Cons Of Glass Veranda

    Glass veranda is a beautiful and functional addition to the patio. As opposed to other canopies and awnings the glass verandas have sturdiness that makes it great for bad weathers. Glass Veranda

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  • Ideas For Designing Beautiful Home Art Studio

    Home art studio is a comfortable way of creating your art as it provides with space and atmosphere to paint, draw, sculpt and create all kinds of art. Home Art Studio Design Ideas

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  • Architecture: Prefabricated Buildings

    Small prefabricated buildings are becoming more popular as people are seeking to add some living or working space to their homes. Prefabricated Architecture

  • Eclipse-Inspired Lamp Designs

    Eclipse is a truly amazing natural phenomenon that has become inspiration for quite a few amazing designs. Eclipse-Inspired Lights

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  • Architecture: Garden Sheds

    Garden sheds are becoming more and more popular and not only for storing gardening tools but for various purposes. Garden Shed Architecture

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  • Star Wars-Inspired Designs For Home

    Star Wars have made a great cultural impact since first appearing in 1977 entailing a history of fan art and inspired tributes. Star Wars Product Designs

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  • Home Office Problems And Design Solutions

    Home office is an essential room especially if working from home. It provides with place in the house to work and perform all the necessary desk-bound tasks. Home Office Design Solutions

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  • 7 Cool Bookend Designs

    Bookend is a great way to accessorize a bookshelf or keep a few favorite table books together. Coolest Bookend Designs

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  • Stylish Kitchen Design Ideas

    What makes a kitchen stylish? The right color scheme and consistent style as well as efficient use of space can help create a stylish kitchen design. Ideas for Stylish Kitchen Designs

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  • Skylight In Interior Design

    Window in a ceiling or a skylight is a great addition to the interior design where there is little natural lighting. Skylights In Home Decor

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  • Creative Dining Room Design Solutions

    Dining room design can be enhanced with various design solutions from unsual dining table to beautiful pendant lights. Creative Dining Room Designs

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  • The Paint Evolution Collection of Brushes and Rollers by CuldeSac

    The Paint Evolution is a collection of creative and innovative paint brushes and rollers designed by CuldeSac for Valentine. The Paint Evolution Creative Brushes and Rollers

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  • Stick Humidifier by Knobz Design

    Humidifier is a great air-control tool that allows not only improve the air quality in your home but also become a decorative display object. Compact Stick Humidifier

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  • Fabrica Glass Collection For Secondome 2012

    Glass Collection for Secondome 2012 by Fabrica is a collection of unconvetional glassware. Each design has its own concept and inspiration as well as the creator. (more…)

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  • ‘About Coffee’ Cup Set by PlayDesign

    Coffee break is a great time for rest as well as some live communication. Seeing coffee break as a ritual and a conversation starter Playdesign studio has designed a set of adorable coffee cups. Cute Coffee Cup Set

  • Dream Terrace Design Ideas

    There are many ways of creating a cozy terrace design. From a small garden to a reading nook the terrace can be transformed into anything you want. Create A Dream Terrace

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