2012 May

  • Season Carpet by Siren Elise Wilhelmsen Changes Colors According To Temperature

    Designer Siren Elise Wilhelmsen has created a prototype of a wool carpet that changes colors depending on temperature in the room. Carpet That Changes Color With Seasons

  • Industrial Chic Dining Room Design Ideas

    Industrial chic dining room can be full of contrasts but it should look harmonious and unified by one theme. Industrial Chic Dining Rooms

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  • How To Choose Garden Fountain

    Garden fountain is a beautiful addition to the garden. There are various types and options that will suit almost any garden. Garden Fountain Tips

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  • Wooden Light Bulb by Ryosuke Fukusada

    Certain objects are associated with certain materials. Like lightbulbs. It’s hard to imagine a non-glass lightbulb. Lightbulb Made of Wood

  • Fresnel Lens In Big Bloom Vase by Charlie Guda

    Fresnel lens is a thinner lens that allows to view smaller things. Big Bloom vase was conceieved as a tribute to Augustin Jan Fresnel, a creator of Fresnel lens. Big Bloom Vase With Fresnel Lens

  • Inspired by Tradition: Platter of Friendship

    Platter of Friendship was inspired by ‘Komatál’ old Hungarian tradition of exchanging plate of selected foods as gifts between friends. Platter of Friendship Designs

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  • WireShade by Marc Trotereau

    Marc Trotereau has designed a series of lampshades that add to the room’s architecture. WireShade Lamp

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  • Floating Sofa Collection by Karim Rashid

    This amazing float sofa is a new furniture piece by Karim Rashid, that was made exclusively for those who enjoy his awesome furniture designs. DIY Wall Decor

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  • DIY Wall Decor

    If you have walls that are divinely empty, you might consider using some ornaments to decorate them. This post will introduce you to the wall décor that can be DIY. DIY Wall Decor

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  • Geode-Inspired Minera Carafe by Nocc

    Design studio Nocc has created a geode-inspired carafe Minera for Petite Friture. Minera has uneven structure at the spout reminiscent of the geode. Geode-Inspired Minera Carafe

  • Goccia Three Dimensional Tile Collection By Lenny Kravitz

    Kravitz Design Inc. founded by musician Lenny Kravitz has created a 3D tile collection in collaboration with the tile manufacturer Lea Ceramiche. (more…)

  • Shared Kids Room Design Ideas

    Shared living space for kids must be designed and decorated to include various zones and still evenly distributed between the kids. (more…)

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  • How To Choose Your Decorating Style

    Choosing decorating style is the first step to remodeling a house or a room. It determines the aesthetics, materials, shapes, and colors. Choose Your Decorating Style

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  • Industrial Kitchen Design Ideas

    Industrial kitchen features unfinished walls and open pipes but it can also be quite modern and stylish. Industrial Kitchen Ideas

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  • Tambour Table: To Keep Everything In Order

    Are you just tired of creating mess on your working table, with all the cords, food remains, and other useless elements? Then, perhaps you should consider this amazing Tambour Table, that promises to keep everything in order. Tambour Table

  • Terfen Upside Down House

    Located in Terfen, an Austrian village the upside down house draws much attention on itself. Fully equipped with different appliances, the house features everything upside down. Terfen Upside Down House

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  • DIY Interior Renovation

    Everyone gets tired of the interior designs that have been present at one’s place for it seems a whole eternity. DIY Interior Renovation

  • Space-Saving Deskbox by Raw Edges

    Raw Edges has designed a space-saving Deskbox to create a working area in a small-spaced home. Space-Saving Working Deskbox

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  • iGrow Planter by Psychic Factory

    iGrow planter by Psychic Factory has the design that makes it easier to care for plants. Cool iGrow Planter

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