2012 April

  • Interior Décor Candles

    Are you into mysterious and enchanting atmosphere in your home interior design? Then this post in an absolute must read for you! We will find out most successful candle ideas for interior design. Candles in Interior Design

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  • Tiffany Lamps: Transcending Through Times

    Everybody at some point in their lifes heard about Tiffany company. Have you? Check out their amazing lamp designs that transcend through time and styles. Tiffany Lamps

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  • Zaha Hadid’s Liquid Glacial Table

    Are you fond of all natural furniture designs? Especially ice themed interior designs? Zaha Hadid is introducing all new table design, reminiscent of arctic glacier. Liquid Glacial Table

  • Eclectic Decorating Style

    Eclectic style combines various styles, time periods, colors, textures, and patterns. How To Create Eclectic Decor

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  • Green Decafè Lamp by Raúl Lauri

    Decafè lamp is a Salone Satellite Awards-winning design by Raúl Lauri made of recycled coffee grounds. Decafè Lamp Made of Coffee Grounds

  • Magical Interior: Harry Potter World

    Magical Harry Potter movie series have been there for over 10 years, ending just last year with an epic triumph. Harry Potter World Interior Design

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  • Top 5: Most Weird Fish Tanks

    People can get very creative in making homes for their loved pets. But what if the loved pets are fish? Then you can get very imaginative, and get the aquarium that suits your interior… or not. Weird Aquariums

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  • Garden Ideas

    Garden Ideas

  • Remodeling: Stylish Blue Bathroom Ideas

    Remodeling: Stylish Blue Bathroom Ideas

    Stylish Blue Bathroom Remodelng Ideas>>>

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  • Steampunk Interior Design

    Steampunk in the past few years have been winning over the world. Now it’s everywhere, movies, books, art, fashion and of course now Interior Design. Are you ready for some trendy Steampunk interior design ideas? Steampunk Interior Design

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  • Zero Gravity: Acrylic Furniture Designs

    If you are fond of contemporary styles, you might certainly enjoy the acrylic furniture, as they introduce translucence and individuality to your interior designs. Acrylic Furniture Designs

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  • Top 5: Worlds Most Amazing Gigantic Aquariums

    Are you fond of nature? How about aquatic nature? And now, how about aquatic nature that syou in daily life events? Find out about world’s most amazing aquariums. Gigantic Aquariums

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  • Dining Room Decor: Eye Catchy Chairs

    Dining room chairs is an important element of the room. They can not only function but also add to the dining room decor. Eye Catchy Dining Chairs

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  • Ancient Architecture of India: Temples

    Ever wondered what is so unique and picturesque about architecture of ancient India? In this post we will go into an adventurous tour to Indian most sacred and ancient architecture: temples of ancient India. Ancient Hindu Architecture

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  • Small Apartments Library Ideas

    Are you book lover? Then you might be obsessed with obtaining and storing your books in a proper way. However, most of us don’t have much space to have a separate room for a library. In this post we will find out about minimum space library designs. Small Apartment Library Ideas

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  • Pinguim Rei by Luiz Pellanda And Aleverson Ecker

    Pinguim Rei is a set of penguin- and ice block-shaped oil and vinegar cruets and salt and pepper shakers. Penguin-Shaped Oil& Vinegar Cruets And Ice Block Shakers

  • Modern First-Aid Box by Radius Design

    First aid box by Radius Design made of stainless steel is modern and stylish. Stylish First-Aid Box

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  • Stylish Gym Equipment: Vela Cycle Trainer by Lunar

    Gym equipment can look quite out of place in certain decors besides it usually comes in sport style that doesn’t fit with many decor styles. Cool Vela Cycle Trainer For Home

  • Gray Bedroom Design Ideas

    Gray bedroom can be stylish and beautiful. The key to a stylish design is to choose a right shade of gray and accent color. Gray Bedroom Designs

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