2012 February

  • Budget Exterior Makeover

    Budget Exterior Makeover

    Budget Tips For Exterior Makeover>>>

  • Drawing Vessels by Fumiaki Goto

    Drawing Vessels by Fumiaki Goto were designed as ceramic bowls molded into various shapes with a pointed base that allows one to…draw. Ceramic Graphite Drawing Vessels

  • How to Create Futuristic Decor On Budget

    Futuristic interior design relies heavily on the home architecture. Rounded doorways, walls, asymmetric angles should be planned before the construction. Futuristic Decor On Budget

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  • Budget Friendly Exterior Makeover

    Exterior design is as important as the interior. A beautiful exterior adds a lot to the house’s curb appeal. Budget Friendly Exterior Remodeling

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  • Unusual Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

    Unusual Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

    Ideas for Unusual Kitchen Remodeling>>>

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  • Nanton Coat Rack Shaped As Transmission Tower

    Nanton coat rack has an interesting design as it is shaped as a transmission tower. Designed by Palette Industries the Nanton coat rack is modern and eye catchy. Transmission Tower-Shaped Coat Rack

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  • Privacy Pop Bed Tent For Shared Accommodation

    Privacy Pop is a bed tent that provides privacy for those who share a room with others. Privacy Pop Bed Tent

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  • Garden Design Tips

    Garden Design Tips

  • Small Spaced Garden Tips And Ideas

    Lack of space doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy the garden or the sight of greenery. There are quite a number of ways to create a small-spaced garden for your home. Ideas And Tips Small Spaced Garden

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  • Kamijiya Paper Table by Miso And S.O.N

    This amazing display paper table was created by Miso and S.O.N for a company SUZUKI SHOFUDO. The table has a beautiful base made out of paper. Kamijiya Paper Display Table

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  • Delancey Underground Project: Subterranean Park

    The Delancey Underground Project is to turn an unused underground trolley terminal in New York into a subterranean park. Subterranean Park in New York

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  • How To Build Rock Garden

    Rock garden is a great landscaping trick for a low maintenance which looks lovely and beautiful. Rock Garden How-To

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  • Bright And Colorful Interior Design by Rebecca James

    Designer Rebecca James of Interior Desires has created a bright and colorful townhouse interior design in London. Bright & Colorful Townhouse Interior Design

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  • Wave Kitchen Design by A-cero

    A-cero architecture studio has designed a modern kitchen named Wave for Gunni & Trentino. Wave Kitchen Design

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  • Kopia Modular Tableware by István Böjte

    Kopia modular tableware designed by István Böjte was inspired by an old Hungarian ritual. Kopia Stackable Tableware

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  • Unique ‘Folded’ Apartment

    ‘Folded’ apartment designed by architects Javier Garcia and Hector Ruiz-Velazquez for G&R Studio is interesting and unique. Small ‘Folded’ Apartment

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  • How To Create Low Maintenance Garden

    Gardening can take a lot of time and effort but there are ways to create a low maintenance garden. Create Low Maintenance Garden

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  • 36h 56h Seats by Fabio Novembre

    Outdoor furniture becomes more and more elaborate as the outdoor decor is as important as the indoor’s. Unusual 36h 56h Seats

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  • Unusual Flower Bed Ideas

    Flower beds add very much to a garden style. They also function as bright accents that immediately increase curb appeal. Unusual Flower Bed Ideas & Shapes

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