2012 January

  • How To Decorate With Patterned Wallpaper

    Patterned wallpaper brings great dynamic to the decor. It adds liveliness and detail filling up the space with it. Tips on Decorating With Patterned Wallpaper

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  • Ignatov Architects News Coffee Table/Magazine Rack

    Ignatov Architects decided to combine a coffee table and a magazine rack into a single item for the sake of saving space and still enjoying both. Coffee Table And Magazine Rack in One

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  • Rustic Themed Kitchen Design

    Rustic theme can be often seen used in decorating kitchens. It is romantic and vintage and it creates a nostalgic atmosphere. How to Design Kitchen in Rustic Theme

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  • Choosing Paint Color For Ceiling

    A ceiling doesn’t have to be plain white per usual. Paint is the cheapest ceiling decor. How to Add Color To Decor With Painted Ceiling

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  • To Gather: Modular Furniture Collection

    To Gather is a modular furniture collection designed by Studio Lawrence. The bright furniture consists of removable modules that can help construct various furniture ‘To Gather’ Bright Modular Furniture

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  • Bendit Candle Holder By Gerard De Hoop

    Bendit candle holder designed by Gerard De Hoop come in recognizable but unconventional shape. Modern & Stylish Bendit Candle Holder

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  • Alfred Chair by Loris & Livia

    I don’t know what it is about chairs that makes them so attractive to use as hanger/wardrobe. Alfred Chair is even more clothes-friendly. Convenient Alfred Chair

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  • Sleek & Artful Folding Chairs From Ambivalenz

    German design studio Ambivalenz has designed a series of sleek and artful folding chairs. The chairs come in form of artworks but unfolded can be used as seats. Sleek & Artful Folding Chairs

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  • How To Use Room Dividers

    Room dividers are functional and decorative. There are quite a few ways of using them in decor. Dividers can provide some privacy in an open layout or be used for decorative purposes. Using Room Dividers in Decor

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  • Room Door Design Ideas

    Room door is not only a functional architectural detail that allows dividing rooms and increase privacy. It can be designed as a decorative focal point of the room. Cool Room Door Designs

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  • Colors In Design

    Color Mixes

  • Bunny Chair by Iskos-Berlin

    Bunny Chair is the creation of Iskos-Berlin design studio that was designed combining a furniture piece with a concept of a favorite toy that gives us comfort when we are kids. Cute & Comfy Bunny Chair

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  • Kids Room Remodeling Tips

    Kids Room Remodeling Tips

    Kids Room Renovation Tips & Ideas>>>

  • Freshen Up Dining Room on Budget

    Freshen Up Dining Room on Budget

    Freshen Up Dining Room Design on a Budget>>>

  • Interesting Table Decor Ideas

    Interesting table decor makes the dinner much more official and festive. To create stylish and interesting table decor one has to consider color scheme and arrangement. Creating Interesting Table Decor

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  • Beautiful Lolilla Chair by Ashsayane

    Inspired by the Spanish flamenco dresses Ashsayane design studio has created Lolilla Chair in beautiful pink and white color mix. Beautiful Rose White Lolilla Chair

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  • Stylish Stamped Plate by Vasiliy Butenko

    Stamped Plate by designer Vasiliy Butenko looks stylish and modern due to its sleek square shape. Modern & Stylish Stamped Plates

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  • Smartsquare Modular Shelving by Pietro Russomanno

    Smartsquare is a modular shelving system designed by Pietro Russomanno. Modular Smartsquare Shelving

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  • Blue and Purple Interior Designs

    Blue and purple is an interesting color combination for interior decorating. Brighter shades make for colorful design while paler ones bring mystery to the room. Blue and Purple Color Schemes

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