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  • Naturwall For Recycling Used Plastic Cups

    Naturwall is a design concept by Designnobis created as a way to recycle used plastic cups. The recyclable aluminum wall is cut to suit and hold the cups. Recycle Used Plastic Cups With Naturwall

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  • Unique Dining Room Designs

    Dining rooms are commonly formal or cozy made for receiving guests or for family dinners. While these are the dining room‘s basic purposes the only thing that can be changed is the decor. Unusual Dining Room Design Ideas

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  • Chair Shelves by Tess Hill

    Spanish designer Tess Hill has created some unusual shelves using old chairs. 1/2=1 shelves are both eye-catchy and cool. Shelves Made of Chairs

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  • Hallway Renovation Ideas on Budget

    Hall is a high-traffic area that may require renovation more often than rooms. But it doesn’t mean it should be expensive and drastic. Learn Tips on Budget Hall Renovation

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  • Baptized By Nature Collection by Catherine Op de Beeck

    Baptized By Nature driftwood furniture collection by Catherine Op de Beeck. was created using driftwood and other materials. Stylish Driftwood Furniture & Accessory Collection

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  • Sleek & Thin Katra Chair by Aparte

    Aparte has designed a sleek and thin Katra chair that looks as if it was folded from a piece of paper. Though it looks fragile and thin it is certainly stylish and graphic. Sleek & Thin Stylish Katra Chair

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  • MinuSkull: More Than Just Speakers

    MinuSkull is a series of speakers shaped in form of skull designed by Kuntzel+Deygas. The illustrators make their designs based on the characters they create. More Than Just Speakers

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  • Home Office For Small Spaced Homes

    Even the small-spaced homes can have decent home office areas that are both compact and efficient. Small Home Office Tips

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  • Home Decor: How To Choose Theme

    The themed decor is often used in kids rooms but the theme doesn’t always have to be taken from a cartoon or a comic book. Choosing A Decorating Theme

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  • The Mercurio Coffee Table

    The Mercurio coffee table is a prototype design by 4P1B design studio. The two-tier table has a clean white tabletop and mirrored lower tier. The Mercurio Coffee Table With a Twist

  • Rockid – Cradle And Chair

    Rockid combines a rocking chair and cradle to make it more convenient putting babies to sleep. Rocking the chair makes the cradle move too. Rockid: Cradle And Chair In One

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  • Stylish Striped Interiors

    Stripes are common in home decorating. They go well with many other patterns and can be very colorful. Cool & Stylish Striped Interiors

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  • Multipurpose James Table

    James Table is multipurpose. It comes with a storage space under its removable tray-like tabletop. Multipurpose James Table by Gridy

  • Mantis Desk Creates Efficient Work Area In Small Spaced Homes

    Mantis Desk designed by Samuel Wilkinson creates an efficient work space in small-spaced homes. Simple almost minimalistic desk comes with a variety of accessories. Mantis Desk For Work Area In Small Spaced Homes

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  • Ottomans In Home Decorating

    An ottoman is a common furniture item in home decoration. It’s cute and stylish as well as it’s functional and multipurpose. How to Use Ottomans In Home Decorating

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  • Renovating Living Room On Budget

    Living room usually is one of the biggest in the house so its renovation can be costly. But not with budget-wise renovation. Living Room Budget Renovation

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  • Creative Light Spill Wall Lamp

    Light Spill Wall Lamp is a design from designer Rebecca Wilson. Working with ceramics Rebecca Wilson creates beautiful and cool lighting and tableware. Creative Light Spill Wall Lamp by Rebecca Wilson

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  • Cozy Gardening

    Cozy Gardening

  • Dark Living Room Remodeling Ideas

    Dark Living Room Remodeling Ideas

    Remodeling Ideas for Dark Living Room>>>

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