2011 December

  • Top 5 Origami Inspired Designs

    Origami-inspired designs are interesting because they use the artful technique and apply it to create usable objects for home. Beautiful Origami Inspired Designs

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  • Saturn Wine Glasses by Fragile Studios

    Fragile Studios has designed these cool Saturn-inspired wine glasses that won’t spill the drink in case of an accident. Saturn Glasses That Don’t Spill Wine

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  • Stacking Vessel by Pia Wustenberg

    Pia Wustenberg’s Stacking Vessel are both functional and decorative. Each vessel consists of three parts each made of different materials. Decorative Stacking Vessels

  • Modern Duality Kitchen by Philippe Starck

    French designer Philippe Starck has designed a modern Duality Kitchen for Warendorf. Space-Saving Tower Kitchen

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  • Dark Stylish Interior Designs

    Dark interior designs are both stylish and mysterious. Dark hues are great at making a big room less spacious. Dark Stylish Interior Design Ideas

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  • Vinegar and Oil Cruets by Jaume Cornellà

    Jaume Cornellà has designed these vinegar and oil Cruets in horn-shaped transparent and stained glass. Stylish Vinegar and Oil Cruets

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  • Booai Chair by Mateusz Chmura

    Booai Chair designed by Mateusz Chmura has an unusual shape and cushion. Booai Chair by Mateusz Chmura

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  • Multifunctional Oturakast Cabinet by Rianne Koens

    Multifunctional Oturakast cabinet made of stacked drawers was created by Dutch designer Rianne Koens. Multifunctional Oturakast Cabinet

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  • Stylish White Interior Designs

    The look of a pure white interior is simply mesmerizing. It’s blank as a paper sheet and yet there is texture to it in furniture and fabrics. White Interior Design Ideas

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  • How To Recycle Old Furniture

    The old furniture items can be turned into useful and interesting ones. Whether you donate or redecorate it the old furniture is put to good use. Recycle Old Furniture

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  • The Motion Bookshelf & Rocking Chair

    The Motion bookshelf is both a comfy rocking seat and a storage space for books. Bookshelf & Rocking Chair in One

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  • Cozy Dalene Cabin by Tommie Wilhelmsen

    Dalene Cabin is a cozy residence designed by Tommie Wilhelmsen and built in Rennesøy, Norway. The cabin overlooks the sea and is surrounded by beautiful greenery. Beautiful and Cozy Dalene Cabin

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  • Claudio Sibille Space Saving Furniture

    Uruguayan industrial designer Claudio Sibille has created a space-saving furniture set called Ludovico. Space Saving Furniture by Claudio Sibille

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  • Drapery Table Collection by Nathan Young

    Nathan Young has designed beautiful Drapery Tables for Sphaus. The tables feature creative and unusual base. Drapery Table Collection

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  • Space Enhancing Techniques

    Space, it’s never enough. But you can always enhance space within home by using several simple techniques that help save and declutter space. Easy Space Enhancing Techniques

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  • Multifunctional Capa Desk by Reinhard Dienes

    Multifunctional Capa Desk by Reinhard Dienes is made of layers, hence the name (capa means “layers” in Spanish). Multifunctional Capa Desk

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  • Orlogin Clocks by Ben Broyde

    Israeli designer Ben Broyde has created Orlogin, a series of clocks using two dimensional sketches. Orlogin Clocks by Ben Broyde

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  • Haiko Cornelissen picNYC Table

    Haiko Cornelissen picNYC table makes every meal a picnic. Made of aluminum frame, soil and stones the table allows growing real grass. Indoor Picnic on Natural Grass

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  • How To Use Closet Space

    Closet is a popular storage space that’s used as a wardrobe or simply a storage. But there are more uses for closet. Various Uses For Closet

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