2011 November

  • Neoclassical Decorating Style

    Neoclassical decorating style takes its roots from Greek and Roman discoveries in the eighteen century. Thus the style is lush but elegant. Decorating Style: Neoclassicism

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  • Cushion Planter Pots From Libel

    Specializing on innovation Libel has created these cushion planter pots that look both cozy and unusual. Soft and Cozy Planter Pots From Libel

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  • Mollusc Shaped Glab Day Bed by Nuno Teixeira

    Glab Day Bed by Nuno Teixeira reminds me of the mollusc shell valve. I don’t know if that was the idea but the design looks beautiful and elegant. Mollusc Shell Resembling Day Bed

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  • Happy Clouds Coasters by Barefoot Dynasty

    Barefoot Dynasty has created Happy Clouds Coasters made of Portugese cork. They are cute and minimalist, and they can definitely add fresh touch to a coffee table. Creative Cloud-Shaped Coasters

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  • Seasonal Decor: Winter

    Winter is a major holiday season but there is still time left before it hits so right we talk a simple winter season makeover rather than holiday home decoration. Winter Seasonal Decor

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  • 4 Stylish Hooks And Hangers From Asshoff & Brogård

    Stockholm-based design studio Asshoff & Brogård have some cool hook and hanger designs in their portfolio. Stylish Hooks And Hangers For Hall Decoration

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  • Colorful Living

    Colorful Living

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  • How To Maintain High Traffic Areas

    High traffic areas such as halls and living rooms can be quite difficult to maintain in terms of cleanliness and order. Tips On Keeping High Traffic Areas Clean

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  • Quick & Easy Tea Fix With Tipping Teacup

    The Tipping Teacup is a quick and easy tea fix as it’s both a steeper and a cup. A special compartment in the cup allows to use both traditional tea and teabags. Tipping Teacup Steeping Tea

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  • Tips To Effortless Organizing

    There are many organizers out there but buying them all may not solve the clutter problem. It’s all about the proper organization. Organize Home Effortlessly

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  • Storage Systems From Keiji Ashizawa

    Storage Systems from Keiji Ashizawa only look simple. Drawer shelf and Slybox storage systems look stylish and elegant. Stylish Storage Systems by Keiji Ashizawa

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  • Spin Table Candelabra by Tom Dixon

    Spin Table Candelabra designed by Tom Dixon is made of iron and it’s spinning. Robust Spin Table Candelabra

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  • Dark Stylish Living Room Design Ideas

    A living room doesn’t always have to be designed all in pastels and neutrals. If your tastes lie within the darker color palettes go for a dark stylish living room. Cool Dark & Stylish Living Rooms

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  • Budget Wise Ideas For Kitchen Renovation

    Budget Wise Ideas For Kitchen Renovation

    Kitchen Renovation On a Budget>>>

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  • Rolling Karpett from 5.5 designers

    5.5 designers has designed this rolling carpet for Tarkett. The carpet can be rolled into a bench or spread to the floor. Multipurpose Floor Coverings: Karpett

  • Your Clock From bE-Studio

    bE-Studio has designed an unusual clock that can be stopped at any moment and then switched back on by simply pulling a chord. Stop Time With Your Clock

  • Ideas For Cozy Bathroom Design

    What makes a bathroom cozy? Tastes differ but we think these ideas will help make a cold bathroom a bit more comfy. Cool Ideas For Creating A Comfy Bathroom

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  • Hybrid Tableware Collection by Seletti

    We already showed you some of Seletti works so today we feature their Hybrid tableware collection of interesting plates and mugs. Interesting Tableware Collection from Seletti

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  • Bent Mirror Shelf by Anika Engelbrecht

    German designer Anika Engelbrecht has designed a mirror “Bent” that features a curve that can be used as a shelf. Unbreakable Bent Mirror

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