2011 October

  • Quick Kitchen Makeover Ideas

    Kitchen can be a challenge in terms of a makeover as it has more equipment and furniture than tapestry. So here are some ideas. Quick Kitchen Makeover Ideas

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  • Aesthetic Recycling: Lace by Milk Design

    There are many uses for empty glass jars but here is one very aesthetic created by Milk Design. Aesthetic Recycling by Milk Design

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  • Ideas To Increase House Curb Appeal

    Whether you are selling the house or living in it curb appeal is what draws the eye to the house, especially for potential buyers. Increase House Curb Appeal

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  • Rubik’s Cube Chest of Drawers

    Makendo from Instructables has created a chest of drawers that looks like a super-sized Rubik’s Cube. Interesting colorful piece also needs to be solved. Rubik’s Cube Chest of Drawers

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  • Tectonic Furniture by Janina Loeve

    Inspired by tectonic movements that shape the landscape forms Netherland designer Janina Loeve has created a furniture series called Tettonica. Tettonica Furniture Series

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  • Modern & Layered Villa Ypenburg III

    Villa Ypenburg III designed by BBVH Architecture features modern and layered architecture. Stylish Layered Villa Ypenburg III by BBVH Architecture

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  • Quick Bathroom Makeover Ideas

    If you need a new look in the bathroom there are some cool ideas on getting a quick bathroom makeover that will change a lot in the decor. Ideas for Bathroom Makeover

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  • How To Decorate Spacious Homes

    Too little space is a common problem but too-much space can also become troubling when it comes to decorating. The issues in question: what to make of it? And how to make it cozy? Decorate Big Rooms

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  • Eye-Catchy Geometria Door Handle

    Geometria door handle designed by Simon Stojanovski is an eye-catchy door accessory with interesting form and design. Custom Geometria Door Handle

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  • Sand Vase Designs by Yukihiro Kaneuchi

    Sand vases designed by Yukihiro Kaneuchi were inspired by an old game that requires poles created from the sand. They have become the prototypes for “Sand“. Sand Pole Vases

  • How To Decorate Mantel

    Fireplace is one of the focal points of the room, many time it is the main focal point. Mantel piece is a shelf that sometimes requires decorating. Ideas for Decorating Mantel

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  • Enter Fairytale: The Patient Gardener

    The Patient Gardener is a project that resulted from workshop conducted by Visiondivision at the Politecnico di Milano, Milan, Italy. Enter Fairytale-ish Japanese Cherry Tree Arbour

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  • Sunny Yellow Living Room Design Ideas

    Yellow is a great color for sunny and cozy living rooms. It reflect sun light flooding the room with gold yellow light that make the room feel light and cozy. (more…)

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  • Open Layout Residence by Gary Gladwish Architecture

    Eagle Ridge residence was designed by Gary Gladwish Architecture. An open layout residence is located on on Orcas Island, Washington State. Cozy Eagle Ridge Residence

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  • Elegant White Bedroom Interior Design

    Since bedroom is a low-traffic zone white design and decor can easily fit for it. An all white bedroom can seem too minimalist so here are some ideas on creating an elegant white bedroom. White Bedroom Design Ideas

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  • How To Organize Small Bedroom

    Organization is the key not only to perfect order and mess-free apartments and houses but it also saves up precious space in small abodes. Organizing Small Bedroom

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  • SwiTCh From Chair to Table

    SwiTCh is a multipurpose item that can function both as chair and table. Designer Ellen Ectors has considered the need for space-saving design and come up with this bespoke item. SwiTCh Chair and Table

  • Buisson Residence On Lake Anna

    Located in Central Virginia Buisson Residence stands on Lake Anna reflecting in its tranquil waters. Designed by Robert M. Gurney the house looks unusual due to its slanted roof. Buisson Residence On Lake

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  • Stylish Gray Interiors

    Gray is a popular decorating color. It’s contemporary and goes well with a wide variety of colors. It’s also valued for an understated elegance that it gives to the design. Stylish Gray Interior Design Ideas

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