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  • Themed Kids Room Design Ideas

    Kids love bright and colorful rooms but what they like more is a theme. Most often it’s their favorite cartoon, book or game characters, superheroes and fun activities like sports.  Colorful & Themed Kids Room Designs

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  • Moroccan Decorating Style

    Moroccan decorating style is beautiful, ornate, and warm. A mix of Arab, French and Spanish art deco as well as Berber styles looks very exotic and is appealing to many.  Exotic & Elegant: Moroccan Decorating Style

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  • Sky-high Architecture: 606 Meter Wuhan Greenland Center Project

    Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architects have designed this massive, 606 Meter Wuhan Greenland Center project to be built in a Chinese city of Wuhan. Sky-high Architecture: Wuhan Greenland Center Project

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  • Rococo Decorating Style

    Rococo decorating style is very flamboyant and rich. But no matter all the intricate and ornate features Rococo is also quite elegant. Decorating Style: Flamboyant Rococo

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  • Guest Room Design Ideas

    Guest room is convenient when you often have friends or family staying overnight or temporarily living in your house. Cool Guest Room Decorating Tips and Ideas

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  • Futon Furniture for Small Spaces by Anders Backe

    Futon multifunction furniture by Anders Backe is a stylish solution for small-spaced homes. Cool Multifunctional Furniture by Anders Backe

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  • Creative Budget-Wise Flooring Ideas

    Creative Budget-Wise Flooring Ideas

    Creative Flooring Ideas on Budget>>>

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  • Creative Floor Designs

    We’ve talked about creative wall art, flooring trends 2012, and decorated ceilings but we haven’t yet talked about creative floor designs. Creative Floor Design Tips and Ides

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  • Creative Design

    Creative Design

  • Laundry Room Remodeling Ideas

    Laundry Room Remodeling Ideas

    Laundry Room Design and Remodeling Ideas>>>

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  • Art Nouveau Decorating Style

    Art Nouveau decorating style started to emerge in 1890s with the Arts & Crafts movement. Very artistic and sinuous it derived its motifs from nature and arts. Art of Nature: Art Nouveau Decorating Style

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  • Aamer Architects Ninety 7 @ Siglap House

    Aamer Architects have designed a beautiful and unusual house called Ninety 7 @ Siglap located on the Siglap Hill, in Singapore hence the name. Interesting House by Aamer Architects

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  • Surface Cabinet by Jessika Källeskog

    Swedish designer Jessika Källeskog has created a Surface Cabinet, a stylish and modern cabinet with sculptural body and fresh design. Modern Cabinet by Jessika Källeskog

  • Tuscan Decorating Style

    Tuscan decorating style is warm and nature-inspired. Warm color schemes and rustic design elements are the key features of this style. Warm and Natural: Tuscan Decorating Style

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  • Dream Bookshelf Design by Dripta

    Dripta design studio has created a cloud-shaped bookshelf cleverly called Dream, which consist of several different-sized dream clouds. Fun and Unusual: Dripta Design

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  • AME-LOT Eco-Friendly Project by Malka Architecture

    Eco-friendly design concerns many but what about eco-friendly architecture? Stephane Malka from Malka Architecture has designed such project. Eco-Friendly Architecture: AME-LOT Project

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  • Laundry Room Design Ideas

    Laundry is an important routine that takes a little time but the equipment to perform this routine can take some space in your house. Cool Laundry Room Design Ideas

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  • Most Beautiful Infinity Pools

    Infinity edge pool is a reflection pool that creates a visual illusion of extending to the horizon. Tranquil water is like a mirror reflects the surrounding environment. Beautiful and Tranquil Infinity Pools

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  • Penthouse Apartments Guide

    Penthouse apartment is a luxurious abode that’s located on the highest floor of the building. But what differs a penthouse from another apartment? Luxury Homes: Penthouse Apartment Guide

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